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I would like to continue the discussion re: the cost of $15 entry fee.

So far we have Gamogo and CP2 got concerns (anyone else?)

Firstly, your inputs are appreciated. However, do you know the full arrangement of the $15? Any of the Friday night regulars will and do know the benefits... they are just shy and not sharing nor posting. I also see your concern regarding the high price tag which would scare you or potential players joining/participating.

Secondly, I must stress that we don't see any of the regulars 'complained' about the $15. No, not true? Then please voice it out now, regulars.

So why don't they complained? I'll invite you to find out...

Here is our proposal. Next tournament will be:
1. FREE entry
2. No cash prize, because there is no cash pooling.
3. 1 match, double elimination.
4. Max players will be 32.
5. Once the tournament is over, we will switch off the FREE PLAY mode (since you are not paying $15).

What do you say guys? Are you in? Will you come out NOW?  Will it increase attendances?

PS: Genxa runs a great show, please show respect for this man!

Now, to address Vindk8's suggestion:
1. Wed nights
2. $10
3. 6-9pm

Do-able? When do you want this to start?

Sorry for my absence last night, but we had discussions re: the above. I look forward to hear everyone's input re: the above.

Random Discussion / Re: Support an OzHadou member's music!
« on: March 18, 2011, 02:57:17 PM »
Support!!!!! All the way!!!

kev i wanna play some marvel son

so i herd u coming to ggs
u know what that means ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? ?

 :o :o :o :o :o

lol. Poor Jack. Welcomed back with BT torture.

Alas, we knew him well.

I know I know!!!!!!!!

On slow nights, why not try $10 free play from 6-9 or $1 for two plays or something along those lines. You aren't making money from the machines during that period anyway and $10 x 10+ people > $1 x 0

Ding. I like this idea.

I also think $10 instead of $15 for the current tourney arrangement would be better value for (everyone's) money. At the very least its worth a shot.

Just want to touch base on the idea.

$10 free play is better than $1 for 2 credits. The queue/waiting time will be shorter.

I'd really like to come down for Marvel casuals. Probably won't stay late so there's no need to keep it open til 2am. Is anyone interested in Marvel at all? It'd be kinda painful to head down if nobody's playing.

We should use the forum more to organise trip down to GGS. That how we did it during 3s-era. It worked well. Not much effort involve, just post and show up :)

If that fails, then make post, wait for replies, show up.

I'll be going to GGS tonight. Hopefully to see everyone's old face again. I won't be playing much as my eye sight is very sensitive to lights ATM.

These kind of posts does wake people up, isn't it? How are you guys... Long time no see.

A wake up call - all the gaming at GW is a direct translation of disappearance of GGS. The machines will be taken out soon unless there are improvement in cash taking. In fact, Tekken boys are so loyal that, they make more than SF. :(

I like the idea that Monmi proposed.

This is not a joke and serious. A decision will arrive very soon. Kevin and Josh are here NOT to make a fortune from everyone but to provide a clean, enjoyable and nice machines with care. If there is no return, there is no reason for them to bear the cost. Think about it guys :) Or you can keep playing at GW.

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