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Evil Ryu changes: Light Axe Kick is +1 on block

This should read +1 on *hit*.

This is good news for Evil Ryu. Good thing I stuck with Evil Ryu throughout this difficult period. Given this amount of buffs, I think there will be some nerfing later.

Yeah Genxa showed me yesterday with his upload. it is sucks to the max for current stance of tech world. Rofl to Capcom. We are in HD digital world!

Agree, although this game runs upscaled to 720p max and the original source is 240p. Don't like the compression used though.

I'm disappointed they didn't redo the graphics like in HD remix.

I'm capped at 256/256... still playable???? :(:(:(

How big is the game?

I think would still be very playable, just make sure no one is hogging the bandwidth while you are playing hehe. Good luck downloading at that speed though :)

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