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Juri: everyone with accident
But I did it with Hakan as well lol

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: April 08, 2013, 09:24:42 PM »
I couldn't give a shit if Seth got nerfed.  He's got a retarded run away and mix up game. Wall bounce - arms - booms - arms - Wall bounce - rinse repeat until I can hit a jammy Dp or jump in for a KD.

He's everything wrong with the game wrapped up in a neat little package.

"Oh but he has to take gambles" = Empty jump dp? Jab jab dp? Wake up dp? Mash dp Dp's with cherry's on top.....

Crap character.
I'd like to see his jump speed nerfed cos that's where most his mix-ups come from. Give him Guy's jump speed; high and far but slow. His teleport needs more recovery so it's not abusable

Welcome back Soji. I'm playing Makoto now and I need to steal some tricks off you.

Do any of you (Soji and Norrii) want to join Whatsapp chat (again)? If so PM HVT, he is admin now

tttj or wateva his name is has a good sakura
My noob Makoto went 50-50 with him the other day. He has nice offense but weak defence and loves to mash uppercut without fadc

Akay015 and kyou_sou both have nice Sakuras. I stole some tricks off them. Too bad I hardly see them online now

Given the amount of msgs per day on Whatsapp on average, if you don't open it a few days, it will definitely crash!!

GGs NORRII, you let me win :)

Norri, stop running away from me. Do I have to chase you all the time? LOL

Anyways, only room enough in this world for one Gouken..
That is not me and definitely not you

either way, I've answered the questions

Why do you care so much about douchieboy? :P

douchieboy? Ye, I've trolled him too

Like I said I've been trolling

My comp died down the last 2 weeks. Had to get another computer to test it out. Not to mention i was busy working. It turned out to be the Motherboard AND the CPU fan died at the same time! Anyways, fingers crossed and let's hope it doesn't die again

Back to SF....
I've been trolling and met other trolls LOL.

If you say you are NORRII, then prove it.

Who have you played in the last 3 days?
What characters were both you guys using?
What messages have you sent/received?

Otherwise I think you're just somebody else trolling on this account

Scrubs are everywhere, online or offline, arcades or consoles.

Anything more the 4-man lobby takes forever waiting and I don't have much interest in them

i have been getting pawned by everyone everytime i hop on for some ranked matches - duccieboy dam his ryu. cant beat him no more.

even with green annoying monkey still can't beat him?

I go 50-50 with him with my sucky Yang

This thread has gone quiet because we're chatting in WhatsApp. Everyone is talking way more there than here. Besides, it is a way better means of communication compared to the piss weak PSN msg system.

The latest topics were talking about is probably duccieboy and infiltration's Ryu

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