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As I said before, the rankings are buggy. Whoever your character is, your BP will be duplicated to the next character below on the list (given you haven't ranked up that character at all).

For example, Furagon23. AFAIK, he has a B/B+ Vega. But his Sagat will have the exact BP. If you look carefully there are many other duplicates too. Eg., Singhatiger, Rifai_187, Artisticstudio, Domolomo, ShaaaaaAU, etc.,

I just started to play Ken.
Thx no_name_guy for the endless session.
Sooooo many funny yet stupid moments. DON'T upload those vids, I beg you. LOL

Take it on easy on me when you see my Ken. :)

Some good and bad news happened today

good - I've reached my goal of A-rank Ryu
bad - Lost a few hundred points of BP to kazzee

Kazzee has a very strong Fei Long. We played like 10 games, I only managed to win 2 of them. It felt like God's Garden 2 Grand Finals. Not to that level, but you know what I mean. LOL. Though if I didn't screwed up some combos, I could of won a few more. Nevertheless, no excuses, kazzee is the best Fei Long (and possibly Yun) I've played on PSN. Getting A-rank shouldn't be hard for him IMO

I think it was my Ryu that you beat since I was ranking up characters out of boredom & i'll play anyone during those times.

When 3s comes out I'll be playing that too....might stop playing SSF4 for a while to check out if there is comp online 4 3s

I hope to return you the favour by the way :P

On a side note me and no_name_guy just had an EPIC 2 x best out of 5 (I thought it was 'First to 5'). Both Blanka VS Ryu and Juri VS Ryu went down to the wire 3-2!!! I was missing so many Ultra chances. So tense!! So fun!!! hahaha

Anyone played against Suicine94? The way he plays, he does ok against me. 50/50 or better in his favour. Once he has meter he will mash it whenever the chance.

Theundyingmage - I don't think I've played you more than 5 times. I lost to your Zangief, Makoto, Sakura, but won once against someone can't remember who was like your 5th Alt-character LOL

Zerolance - Played him like 2 times only ever. I lost on both occasions

Let's hope not long before I rank up!!
hehe  ;D

I only got a few days before this comes out...

by then I think it's goodbye everyone :P

Yesterday I finally beat no_name_guy. Those endless battle games were painful with that lag. I have never mashed that much. LOL

I don't know the technical stuff like frames, option select, safe jump and matchup strategy. I just play this for fun. Purely mindgames is what I do. The best chance of beating me is actually the first time :P

Players yet to beat are
GrimlockJK - Only online like once/twice a week
theundyingmage (he is in japan right now I think)
Zerolance - Can't join his games, need him to join me

You can go to and follow the instructions on the website.

You'll need to know what brand and model of router you have and you'll need to know your local ip.

If you're having trouble following instructions on that website, find out the details of your router and PM me and I'll attempt to run you through instructions on how this can be configured.

It is a Netgear DM111P
My brother sets up the internet connection, I don't want to touch the modem/router
Thx anyways

I got play RIFAI_187 today in a Ryu mirror match. Maybe he is a bit rusty...
Lost to a random Gen, I dont know what his moves are LOL
no_name_guy is learning Juri he 7000 BP....

1) To be honest, I hardly bother trying to join those flashing green games. They almost never work.

2) Try port forwarding with your router. It solved a lot of the problems I was having trying to connect to certain individuals.

3) They will lose the points but you won't gain any. As you have done, best to block them and never play them again!

Thx Cyph, but can you elaborate no.2 a bit more?

This brings up a few of my noob questions

1 - What does flashing green lag means? I can NEVER join those games

2 - Why certain people can't join my games at all? Or vice versa (Blocklisted?)

3 - I've met a few plug pullers. I was winning 2.9 rounds until 'Player has left the game' shows up. Does any PP/BP change after a plug pull? (I have blocked them btw)

You were the only person online, on both occasions, who wasn't free to me. If there were someone stronger at that time, I would have played them instead. Thanks for the games by the way, usually a player will get bored after that many wins and start kicking me -- I'm looking at you, erkypoo3. Most of my games with you were close, though. I think only 1 out of 8 or so rounds did erkypoo3 not get a perfect VS me. I'd get bored of that too.

I was hoping you'd switch to Ken because yours is the highest ranked Australian Ken. I'm curious to see if you're any good. As far as I know there are no good Australian Ken players on PSN.

There is a bug in that ranking system. I don't play Ken - my Ken is only around 500 BP. But I noticed when my Ryu was around 9000 BP my Ken also had the EXACT BP.

And yes, I've yet to play a good Ken

In the last 2 nights, Soji keep challenging me for 20+ straight games
I don't know why

kechu if some low tier character taunted you during the game its me :)

I'm fine with the taunting, it's the turtles that get me raged... lost count how many, maybe like 90%

Kechu - so is it u or ur bro ive been playin lately? Srcub? Ur far from it buddy. Very tough ryu u got there.

On another note i got spanked silly by IDONTLOSE's juri last nite. Too bad he doesnt play online as much any more =(
Only played you like 4-5 times, not beaten you once! >_< Always down to 3rd round and about 20% hp left. I have more trouble with you than DomoLomo.

I only got to play IDONTLOSE like twice, beat his Guile, lost to his Juri

Hi guys, I just started playing online like 1 month ago
I'm using my brother's account daifuEXR
gg's to everyone I've played

Please bear with my scrubiness

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