Author Topic: [Syd GGS] 01 Apr 2011 - FREE SSF4AE Tournament 2v2 Random Teams + MvC3 Casuals  (Read 5217 times)

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In for both.

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in 4 ae

I'll be coming down around 6ish to drop off a plexi. Sadly,   :'( have another appointment at 6:30 so won't be able to stick around. but will feed money into the machines for a bit (as I lose every matche) as a gesture of support.
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Hey guys sorry I can't make it tonight. 
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Rob, come!!! I'll make sure there's no Sagat players!!!!!!
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coming for ae

not sure abuot mvc3 yet. :D

Furyblitz will be coming also.
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Sorry ace I had a whole bottle of wine,  it's been a bitch of a day @ work
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