Author Topic: [Melb] BHTO | Super SFIV:AE Ranked Battle Round 5 Results / 24/3/11  (Read 1165 times)

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Just a quick post of results from the latest BHTO Super SFIV: Arcade Edition Ranked Battle round 5. More results will be posted over the weekend.

1st. Carnage [Cammy/Adon/Boxer/Sagat]
2nd. TTC|ToXY [Akuma]
3rd. Somniac [Dictator]

4th. Weezer [Dudley]
5th. HeavyWeapons [Sagat]
5th. Nickerz [Zangief]
7th. Phero [Guy]
7th. ALeX [Cammy]

More results soon on;