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BHTO Super SFIV: Arcade Edition Ranked Battle Round 7 Top 8. Full results will be posted tonight.

1st. TTC|ToXY [Akuma]
2nd. TEC SoL T [Rose/Sakura/Abel]
3rd. Carnage [Cammy]

4th. Naruga [Yun]
5th. HeavyWeapons [Sagat]
5th. Hoppa [Guile]
7th. Exis [Blanka]
7th. Vivid [Zangief]

Well done to the top 8 and a solid overall turnout of 39 people last night with a fair few new faces which is always good to see.

More results soon on;

Re: [Melb] BHTO | Super SFIV:AE Ranked Battle Round 7 Results / 21/4/11
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Yet Another great tournament and some really great matches on display again.

Sol, thanks for the positive feedback and the other pieces of advice you provided. I went into our match  with low expectations and it turned out to be a really great match from both of us. But in the end, you are definitely the better player. Well done Champ!

Well done to the top 3.. you deserved it.

Match vids time. I'll try to speed these up so I can at least upload them in the weeks time.

Notable match of the night. Only Yun user. Don't people know if u're playing AE, you SHOULD play Yun?

Grand Finals. Disgusting Sakur-A-Bel.

Behind the Scenes and Highlights.