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Hi guys,

We're slowly chipping away at some new features for the forum which tie-in with the yet-to-be-released front page.

This will be a place where we let you know of new features as they roll into place. I'll update this post as new stuff becomes available.

18th April, 2012:

- Added front page comment system driven by Disqus (testing)

7th July:

- Event Registration

Forum members now have the ability to register for events added to the calendar. This is particularly handy for organisers to acertain a list of attendants and also get a list of player names and so on.

When mods and event organisers create a new calendar entry or link an announcement to the calendar, a bunch of registration fields become available. This includes registration duration, cut off date, registration agreement message, etc.

For users, when you visit a post or calendared event, a "Register" button appears at the top. Clicking this effectively 'registers' your interest in the event allowing organisers to generate player lists and gauge how many mashers they can expect.

Please give this option a try as I expect it'll make event organisation a little less painful. If you encounter any problems, please let me know.

6th July:

- Live updates to private messages and posts

As you receive new PMs and replies to your posts and topics, a little ajax applet will appear in the upper right corner of the site that allows quick access to the new messages and posts. This is a live feed connected to your account, so you can see messages and posts directed at you personally. To see this in action, ask someone to send you a PM (or reply/quote your posts).

- Calendar for community events

You will notice the 'Calendar' link in the nav bar towards the top of the forum next to 'My Messages.' Clicking on this will take you to the OzHadou calendar, which gives a run-down of events and goings on within the community. Clicking on a calendar event will take you to the post detailing the event where discussion (and eventually event registration) will be available. The link for the calendar is:

Forum moderators and event organisers have the permission to add posts to the calendar. You have two options here:

1.) At the bottom of posts, click 'Link to Calendar' - this will then present you with options for publishing the event to the calendar, including start date, duration and a description. The linked post is then made accessible via the calendar day so visitors can then go to the post to get details and view the discussion surrounding the event.

The new front page has a section that is automatically populated with upcoming events for the current month so at a glance you will be able to see what is going on within the community. Clicking these events on the front page will then take you the the threads detailing them with associated discussion. The new front page we hope to have ready soon. Mods - please note that only posts in the 'Tournament Announcements' and 'Casual Event Announcements' should be linked for the sake of consistency. If your permissions are lacking here, please let me know.

2.) If you are a mod or an event organiser, when you visit the calendar you can click on a day and you will then be presented with a form to fill out your event details which will automatically create both a post and a calendar event for your event.

So what goes in the calendar and what posts get flagged as calendar linked events? Pretty much anything that you feel involves the community in your respective areas. Tournaments, meets, gatherings, etc. Things that you feel the community should know about that involves getting together or involving others. Examples being Shadowloo Showdown, OHN, Boxhill, 99York, Couchwarriors, etc. Another good example might be active streams you fire up ('sup Bugs!) and so on.

I only ask that we try to maintain some presentation consistency. So prefix your events with [MELB] or [SYD] or [QLD] etc. Everyone seems to do this anyway, so lets keep that ball rolling.

I have also added an "Upcoming Events" section in the forum info center which appears at the bottom of all the available sub-forum lists.

More stuff soon. If you encounter any issues with these features, please PM me or post in this thread. If you have any feature suggestions by all means sing out.

- New profile fields

Added profile fields for Steam and Games for Windows to accommodate details for those playing SSFIV AE on PC. To add these details, click 'Profile > Forum profile' and add your details in the fields displayed.

Very nice work Shane.

Very nice, I like these changes very much.  ;D


Sorry, I've had to kill off the live message and reply notifier as it was kicking the crap out of the server that hosts the forums :/


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