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Well this will be my first video of many AE matches while i learn to use Maktoto on-line :) I am garbage and haters gonna hate BUT that being said any constructive criticism is appreciated and encouraged!

As you can see i get owned the first 2 rounds by jumping in and being tick thrown. I started to realise that i should switch up my "on-line scrubby jump-in" style, and make the opponent scared of makoto getting in.

One BIG problem that i know i need work on, is having no idea what to do after a knock down. I tend to feint going in planning to land a meaty s.HK/s.MP then i would dash back, out of harms way to punish whatever reversal comes out. Seeing as it was ryu i was worried about SRK's so i never took the risk.

If anyone has a solid way to apply pressure after a knock down i would love to hear it :)

Thanks for watching !

PS There are a few other guys/girls who are putting in the effort to level up their game, so please check out their videos at "TBA"

SSF4:AE - Makoto (shmickmik23) vs Ryu (jin smiff)


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It's getting late and i had a tooth extraction today so i am not exactly full of energy so i just copy pasted the description from each video which explains it all anyway :)

*NOTE* this was shot right after my first video so the sound is still quite low on this one. From now on i will make sure the viewer doesn't need to crank it to 11 to hear something :P /*NOTE*

Sooo another match, this time against the always frustrating Dhalsim. Thanks to Makoto's godly s.MP, EX.Hayate and dash, i was able to JUST scrape by with a win. BARELY. This was teh first time i fought a Dhalsim with Makoto so i wasn't exactly too sure what normals would be effective against Dhalsim's limbs.

Just like the first video it is obvious i am not sure what to do after scoring a knock down besides being deceptive and making it LOOK like i am setting something up, which at that point i would wait for them to do something and then react.

Hmm finding Makoto's OS' could be pretty useful when dealing with reversals and wakeup teleports......I'll look into that :P

As always anything you notice that i should improve incorporate or drop PLEASE let me know! :)

Take care :D

SSF4:AE - Dhalsim (Carbuncle au) vs Makoto (ShmickMik23)

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You seem to have an idea of how to stay patient which is a massive start. I don't know Makoto at all, but couldn't you do an OS dash punch from a jump-in to snuff his tele/backdash?

Also, when Sim teleports behind you, use a quick normal (such as lp or mp) so you can reset him out of the air and then you could perhaps mix him up with dash > command grab or maybe even to swap sides. If he's packing U2 and teleports behind you, get off the ground instead with a neutral jump and drop a normal on his head when you descend. If you fluff the neutral jump (i.e. do it too early) perhaps you could do her air axe-kick thing to give yourself some more aerial hang-time so you don't get grabbed.

If you score a knockdown, get in on him and begin applying pressure by way of Makoto's excellent frame traps which you can also switch into her EX command grab. Good and bad Sims are generally defined by their defense and Makoto has a few tricks to crack defense open.

Her Ultra that dives off the wall might be ideal in this matchup so you can shut down his projectile game or tag him for (what, 400+ damage?) should he throw a lazy fireball.

Either way, this match-up looks bad for Makoto. I'd imagine once she's in she can pressure the shit out of him and snuff his tech options with axe kick/mp, but getting there seems like a battle. Focus dash forwards may do the trick to a degree as you'll at least be able to reset his spacing. It seems to me like Makoto's insane forward dash would be a great way to push him into the corner (after say a sweep) which is bad for Sim and a good position for Makoto to be in.
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