Author Topic: [SA] Reloaded 2011 SSF4 AE videos  (Read 1864 times)

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[SA] Reloaded 2011 SSF4 AE videos
« on: July 17, 2011, 08:16:46 PM »

I made the thread title generic so I can post multiple videos without littering with a lot of new threads. The videos are from Reloaded LAN ( I'll try to get some more up over the next few weeks (AVCON next week will slow me down).

Shiden Edge (also known as Zerolance) takes out 1st place against Playman after sending him to losers earlier in the tournament.

A nice $200 to 1st place and $100 to 2nd.

"[1080HD] Reloaded 2011 SSF4:AE Grand Final - Shiden Edge (Guy) V Playman (Sk)"
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