Author Topic: [SSF4 AE] AUS Online Stream - Sunday 19 June @ 8:30pm AEST [Updated - 16/06/11]  (Read 16989 times)

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I wasn't sure if i should boot up a new thread or not but please tell me you guys haven't abandoned the idea of another one of these lobbies/nights/events :'(  somebody in a previous thread made a pretty good suggestion regarding a monthly "tourny" or "lobby" where the elite meet up and see who has been putting the hours in :)

And/Or have a seperate tourny for us low tier guys where teh winner gets a spot in the top tier lobby?

Obviously it needs more fleshing out but i can see how it would inject a bit of excitement back into AE, riding off the SS2k11 hypetrain.. choo chooo!!!

It's only been 1 week since shadowloo showdown. we have had hype overdose. we need some break.


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Sorry i didn't mean for it to come across as a demand :) i had just read a thread asking if people were still interested in the stream and just wanted to let you guys know, that even though the thread is dead, the main majority of us really hope this idea becomes common place.

its ok.

The thread isnt really 'dead', realistically, Bugsimus (the mastermind of streams) were helping the Shadowloo crew last week therefore obviously no streaming happened there. If he is upto it, he would most likely be updating this thread each weekend. If he does show up tonight, then anything can happen  :dpf: :p:

Is there a stream tonight?