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I'm too tired to work so I'll do this instead. That makes sense, and certainly won't make my burgeoning headache worse. Main issue was that I got 80% of the way through and realized I needed to describe what I liked for 30 sec or more of gameplay compared to what I liked for 30 frames of flash in a larger gameplay vid. If I've got two scores, the second one is for the later.

Anyway, here's my ramblings...

1 (0:06->0:10)(no filter right?) 3 stars
2 (0:10->0:20)(de-saturated?) Looks like footage that should be going on in the background while I pay attention to test or something, I think because people have used similar filters like that before. 4/2 stars
 3(0:20->0:30)(sharpness increased?) Look pretty awful. no stars
 4(0:30->0:40)(green filter.) Ehhh. Maybe if one of the characters looked more like the hulk? (without actually being the Hulk, like Gief or  something) 2 stars
 5(0:40->0:50)(predator vision) ARRRGH!!! It's certainly attention grabbing. I hate it, but it's a good hate. 4 dead moose.
 6(0:50->1:00)(etching) I really like this one, but it's not really flashy or "cool", and I'm not sure what context you'd use it in. 4/2 stars
 7(1:00->1:10)(sharpness and film grain) still hate it. 0 stars
 8(1:10->1:20)(can't see shit cause of the darkness) can't see shit. Okay it's pretty damn cool with Akuma just standing there with the outline, but much of the gameplay was unusable.2/4 stars
 9(1:20->1:30)(ow) this actually gave me headache. 0 stars
 10(1:30->1:40)(blurrrrrry) couldn't see shit. Didn't look particularly awesome. 2 star
 11(1:40->1:50)(old timey film grain) old timey film grain is awesome. this was awesome. Kinda been done though.3/4 stars
 12(1:50->2:00)(80s film grain) 80s film grain is pretty cool. this was pretty cool.4/3 stars
 13(2:00->2:10)(exaggerated light sources) I hated this when I couldn't seen what was going on, but then Akuma moved out so that I could see what was going on, and I decided I actually really liked it. 5 stars
 14(2:10->2:20)(blurry exaggerated light sources) nahhhhh.2 stars
 15(2:20->2:30)(blurry exaggerated light sources plus bluescale) I think the idea of single tone + exaggerated light source has promise, but try 13 instead of 14? I didn't like 14. 4 tubs of margarine.
16(2:30->2:40)(flare moving around the corner of the screen) not feeling it. 2 stars
17(2:40->2:50)(emphasis blur thing) I like it, but it might be be bit much, definitely if it was toned down, or only there for a bit. 3/4 stars
17(2:50->3:00)(diagonal blur) ehhh. 1/3 stars.
17(3:00->3:10)(dot printer) mmhh?. 1/4 stars.
17(3:10->3:20)(sparkley) ayup. Probably want to tone it down for any extended gameplay 3/5 stars.
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Re: Test your sight
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Ty spoony. I needed some ideas for my upcoming project :dpf: :p: