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« on: July 29, 2011, 10:43:50 AM »
Stream likely going to be up around 1-2am SATURDAY MORNING

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Oh god, Ustream? Why not Justin TV?
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I caught the *cough* high quality stream earlier today, just some randoms playing I swear one of them was John Choi, and also caught the tail end of a 5v5 lineup panel with J Wong, Gootecks, and that guy with the afro i never remember his name (sorry fro guy)

It was however totally watchable though the audio was delayed a tiny bit. It got better over the day so should be ok :D
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Anyone still awake & watching?

Just watched PR-Balrog(Boxer) lose to Starnab(Fei), pretty good quality stream, ive jus got a split second of lag, but I think all viewers have that.
Been watching for bout 1/2 hour and seen no aussies yet.
Havent seen many fights, the commentators wont shut up with advertising and they actually hold the matches while these guys talk shit about a $100 MadCatz TE Stick carrybag! RUBBISH!

[EDIT] May as well fill yas in on notable matches while im watching.

6:42am Somniac (Dictator) VS Robert Feist (Dictator) - Somniac WINS 2-0  :p:
Somniac totally had his number, was all over him, AWESOME Fight Somniac!!

7:15am Tokido (Akuma) VS Kinetic (Yang) - Tokido WINS 2-0

7:20am Poongko (Seth) VS El Cubano Loco (Claw) - Poongko WINS 2-0
First time I heard the crowd go "ooowwwww" - due to poongko naturally.

7:27am Filipino Champ (Sim) VS BranH (Guile) - Filipino Champ WINS 2-0

7:37am Kayo Police (Viper) VS Jon Layton (Fei) - Kayo Police WINS 2-0

7:46am Momochi (Yun) VS Blockbuster Jon (Adon) - Momochi WINS 2-0
Blockbuster Jon put up a great fight!! But then Momochi decided to show him whos boss & perfect him last round :)

7:54am Momochi (Yun) VS German Luger (Claw) - Momochi WINS 2-0

8:01am Poongko (Seth) VS Ronnicle (Sagat) - Poongko WINS 2-0

OMG So early and these matches are crazy, from Tokido(7:15am) down to Poongko(8:01am) all of the matches were one after the other! Momochi just stayed there for his next one  :P

8:21am DAMN these streams are good! Im getting bored so I decided to load up the 2nd stream showing Mortal Kombat matches, ive got both these puppies streaming flawlessly and im with TPG  ;D

8:25am Momochi (Yun) VS Negromat (Guy) - Momochi WINS 2-0

8:31am Killerkai (Ryu) VS Kayo Police (Viper) - Kayo Police WINS 2-0

8:38am Just heard "Toxy Qualified in Winners" Dunno exactly what it means but its definitely positive  ;D

8:41am Poongko (Seth) VS philzee (Balrog) - Poongko WINS 2-0

8:43am Sol (Sakura) VS Tokido (Akuma) - Tokido WINS 2-0

9:14am Ok its getting bland, they are on break and a feel sick cos I just found out Kayo Police is a dude!  :o
Enjoy the rest ya'll!

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I believe this is casuals - Humanbomb playing against Shungoku Neurosis' Bison