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Hey Guys sorry for the slow reply I been visiting family overseas and arrived back in Aus yesterday. Thanks for the feedback Ziggy, we are still working on the format of the show and I donít think we will just have random callouts. Itís just a matter of structuring the show and finding interesting topics and guests. This is one of the reasons why I read all feedback/comments that people leave. To tell you the truth I like the more serious side of the show that we did and finding the right balance between comedy and seriousness on the show is going to be a challenge which I think KG, Ace and I will face as we continue working on the format and structure.

On a second note mutton pretty much cleared up everything that I wanted to say on my comment on the show about SS funding. My comment was based on the people who I spoke to about donations to SS2k11. As it turned out all the people who I spoke to about donations actually donated and based on some of the things that Ali told me who he was still expecting to donate I presumed that a significant number of the Melbourne community donated money, which turned out not to be true. I would personally like to apologise to the Shadowloo guys and any other affiliated parties that worked on SS2k11. My comments where an educated assumption (if such a thing exists).

Secondly I would like to apologise to the listeners as it was not my intention to misinform people about SS2k11ís donations and their funding strategies. I am glad that I got called out about it and I wish that more people would come and speak to me about any issues that they have with the content that I or any of my fellow co-hosts produce.

Finlay I think the abbreviation ST works but I think we will most likely just call it S*it Talk as ST dose remind people of Super Turbo.

Once again thanks for listening and we will be starting work on episode 2 in the near future.
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