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Phoenix Wright: Looking to learn, finding nothing but junk.
« on: January 18, 2012, 08:30:37 PM »
I'm fairly new to the game, and ever since I got it my goal has been to learn how to play Phoenix Wright effectively. So far I am coming up short. In games finding evidence is extremely difficult, and I have not found any game play videos of Mr. Wright that I can learn from. I really just want to see some good matches (not just training mode combos).
Any help that someone can give me would be very much appreciated.

My team set up (that I would love to learn) is P.Wright/Chun-Li/Firebrand.



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Re: Phoenix Wright: Looking to learn, finding nothing but junk.
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2012, 09:35:55 PM »
You pretty much have to choose your characters to go with wright based on wright's shortcomings. ChrisG was using morrigan to build meter in the 3rd spot, and Dante in 2nd spot, so when he gets 2 bars he can team super (even if they're blocking), and Dante's super holds them in place long enough to call the evidence. You should also be able to land objection off a connecting team super with Dante, or off a team air combo.

If you want to use Firebrand he should be in the 1st or 2nd spot and used with a lockdown assist like Skrull's, so he can do a combo into snapback, call lockdown assist and then unblockable, repeat.

Was there a specific reason for choosing that team or did you just like those characters? Maybe create 2 teams to make the characters that you like, work properly. I'm not really sure how Chun and Firebrand would help PW out.

Re: Phoenix Wright: Looking to learn, finding nothing but junk.
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2012, 04:06:42 AM »
Hey Disneyreject

Theres a good japanese phx wright player with spencer/phxwright/doom.. its somewhere on eventhubs few weeks ago.

If you want to find evidence, you could call maya's shield and pick up two evidence (ur char still remains safe) if they are far from you..

simiarly i have akuma for anchor.. and his tatsu assist also lets you find two evidence..

if they are close to you.. u can jump back and optionselect grab with akumas assist... if that works then u are safe to find two evidence, if they block the tatsu then u can find one evidence

oh and his overhead (forward m) can cancel into stance change or find evidence to make it safe?? (not  confirmed)
i usually use this when maya is up or when they are cornered with my akumas assist
hope it helps :)

i play phxwright/wesker/akuma..

u can land objection combo in courtroom with
crouch l m h h into qcb l (that paper move) -> standing l h h (that lightbulb thing) into forward h (objection)
then combo into dash s into air loop (mmh holdit, standing s into another mmh holdit <-- this combo causes dizzy).. ti doesnt work on short characters like wolverine/zero/ammy tho.. i usually do mms into hammer super and dhc out..

theres many ways of playing him.. jsut  mainly remember that calling maya coudl give you up to two evidence and if u needa get rid of the bads.. u can try land a cmobo into the hammer super to clear ur bad evidence..

i'm not too familiar with any other characters but
hope i helped somehow :)

Re: Phoenix Wright: Looking to learn, finding nothing but junk.
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2012, 08:57:59 AM »
Hey guys, thanks for the responses.

I guess I really wasn't think about basing my other 2 picks around P.Wright. I mainly picked Chun-Li and Firebrand because I like them and can play them decently, although Firebrand has proven to be a really good anchor for me. But I am definitely willing to change these characters or there position if it means P.Wright starts to shine. I am also interested in X-23, Tron, and Wesker; maybe even Doc. Doom. So if any of them would be favorable over my Firebrand and Chun I'll swap them out. If not I guess I'll have to settle for characters I don't like.

I'll try to find that Japanese P.Wright player and see if I can learn something. My biggest issues with him right now are when I call out Maya to guard me, my opponent always jumps over her or something like that. I am also having a really hard time getting used to P.Wrights very short base attack range, if I try to go on the offensive, they always seem to hit me before I can even get within range of them.

- I also really like Shuma Gorath and Jill, but I haven't purchased Jill yet. Thoughts on this?


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Re: Phoenix Wright: Looking to learn, finding nothing but junk.
« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2012, 01:02:46 PM »
I think you should change your team to be honest. Doom and Wesker are always good to know, they fit into a lot of team combinations and don't really need another character's help to zone, mixup or self otg, and they have good mobility with Doom's tri-dashes and Wesker's teleports.

The thing about PW and Firebrand in particular is that they really need specific team combinations. I think Firebrand is really good though and hopefully you stick with him because his unblockables are going to be a major threat.

With Chun I think she's probably best in the 2nd spot, and her gimmick I guess is where you team air combo into her and do the infinite. She's probably good to use, but then you'd want to have maybe Firebrand on point and a lockdown assist (e.g. Skrull) as your 3rd character.

Having said all that, it's going to be easier for you if you use as few characters as possible. Best thing I can recommend if you want to get wins is to probably pick up Wesker and Doom. They can help him to an extent, but more importantly they're just good characters who can fit on almost any team. I think Doom's hidden missiles or plasma beam would help you collect evidence, and Wesker's otg assist can help you create unblockables and open people up, and also extend combos (e.g. easy combos off of throws for everyone).

Re: Phoenix Wright: Looking to learn, finding nothing but junk.
« Reply #5 on: January 19, 2012, 04:20:34 PM »
you should only call maya when you're not close to your opponent

and doing kara find evidence (heavy into findevidence) could get your character closer to maya (1st evidence will still be unsafe tho)

it doesnt have an upper hitbox so u gotta watch out for wolverines divekick etc

its sometimes better for you to block or jump back OS grab and call assist.. depending on the situation

every matchup is different for phx wright so it takes time to learn

(soz i dont know any other characters other than wesker and akuma lol)
good luck!