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NB: I brought this post across from the old forum and made minor edits to it, AFAIK this still represents the current OH position, but if not Shane/Spencer/Anyone else feel free to remove this thread

Hey guys!

As I'm sure many of you are aware, Super Street Fighter 4 Street Fighter x Tekken has been/may soon be leaked online as the result of someone in Belgium being stupid something or other. With all the hubbub about this going around, I thought now might be a GREAT time to refresh everyone's memory about what is and is not ok to talk about with regards to emulation/piracy etc.

Things that are fine to talk about:

GGPO: GGPO (and other online match making tools) are 100% A-OK to discuss. Feel free to make threads about looking for games, connection issues and other such topics.

Things that are not fine to talk about:

Playing pirated copies of new Street Fighter games before they come out: This should be obvious. If you're illegally playing a game that hasn't come out yet, OzHadou does not want to hear about it. In fact we don't want to hear about it so much, that we'll ban you so that we never have to hear about it. In all seriousness, ANYONE TALKING ABOUT PLAYING PIRATED GAMES FROM NOW ON WILL BE BANNED, this includes hilarious 'wink wink, nudge nudge' style hints about playing pirated games, you don't look clever and you'll look even less clever when you can't use the site anymore. I should probably also point out that people from the games industry read this site and I don't imagine they'd be any more impressed than we will if people start talking about playing games they haven't paid for.

Roms: Talking about GGPO and the like is fine, talking about roms etc is not. Any discussion of where to find roms, offering of roms etc is not on.

Organising activities around pirated games: This is a big one. OzHadou will not in any way, shape, or form, tolerate people using the website to get together and engage in copyright infringement. If you're thinking about bringing your modded console along to a meeting at an OzHadou related event, don't. I, and by extension the guys who run/manage/own OzHadou are not going to be getting in trouble for the sake of people wanting to play games illegitimately. If you want to organise meetups to play SSF4 SF x T that's fine, as long as you do it AFTER THE GAME COMES OUT. Anyone caught by me or any of the mod team playing pirated games at an OH event will be banned from any future events.

Discussion of modding consoles: By this I mean circumventing in-built mechanisms in a game console to prevent it playing pirated content. If you want to put a kickin-rad racing stripe and a fender down the side of your playstation, knock yourself out.

'XXXXX game just got dumped/hacked/emulated': This is a touchy one but since most stuff likely to be affected by this is stuff that is still in arcades or on current consoles I've decided not to allow it. If you really want to know cutting edge emulation news, there are other sites on the internet that can fill this need.

Well, that sure does seem like a lot of rules! However, to save you printing this post out, putting it up next to your monitor and consulting it every time you want to post I've come up with a simple solution. Everytime you're about to post something think to yourself "Am I about to post about doing something for free that other people would have to pay for?" If yes, don't post.

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Re: Piracy and YOU! (A thread brought back from the old forum)
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2012, 11:56:18 AM »

How's it going buddy?

I want to also wanted ask and point out, your bans will probably extend to banned games in Australia.

Namely the new Mortal Kombat (MK9).

I just wanted to know policy on this, because if I had to guess, it may not be allowed to be discussed here at the ozhadou website.

However most definitely, I'd imagine it wouldn't be allowed to be played at a event or tournament.

Not that there is many people that want to play or discuss that game.

I figure this would be worth mentioning.

- Vargus