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Shadowloo Night Live 2012: Round 5
« on: February 22, 2012, 12:30:05 AM »
All the info can be found here;  :p:

After the excitement of the OzHadou Nationals which took place over the weekend in Sydney, itís time to get back on track here in Melbourne with round 5 of Shadowloo Night Live this Sunday, February the 26th.

While Melbourne had a decent showing at OHNX, with V1p3r winning SoulCalibur V and finishing 2nd behind Xian from Singapore in King of Fighter XIII. ToXY taking 2nd in UMvC3 after beating some of the best in Australia on the way and finishing 5th in AE2012, the highest Melbourne placing at OHNX. We also had some disappointing showings from our other players, including myself.

But we can do better and will do better at Shadowloo Showdown 2012, even with all those big names coming down and Shadowloo Night Live is the training ground for all of us to level up in order to defend our region. So I hope you guys can all turn up and enjoy a whole day of fighting game action.

I would also like to point out we will be trying to organize some micro tournaments through out the day. So even if you lose early in tournament, there will be the chance to keep playing and getting some tournament pressure experience in these micro tournaments, all while being able to win some more cash. More info on the day.

Check out all the info in the link below if you want to be apart of SNL2012.