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Re: SFxt early releases and where
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Just checked a few places.

The target guy practically yelled at me that its out 2moro and thats

tried wow sight and sound as a wild card, no luck either.

Beh, wish i didnt cancel my zoowhouse order now
if the guy yelled at you, you shouldn't of taken it lightly , i don't think they are allowed to harass there customers...

Meh. He's just a dipshit working a crappy job. No point in taking everything personally. You get to go home and be yourself. He's still stuck working at target. He loses.

If you make it a big deal, stand there yelling at him for 10mins, getting managers involved etc, you both lose as you're not going to gain anything from it. You'll just lose time in your life that you could've been doing something more interesting and fun with.

Re: SFxt early releases and where
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for those in nsw, u can get the game tonight at eb games liverpool and wethril park as they doing midnight launch for Mass effect 3 and will sell sfxt as well no need to wait for tmr
retired as best sent in aus
no more umvc3 time for sfxt