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[Melb] Shadowloo Night Live 2012: Round 6 - March 4th
« on: March 01, 2012, 11:16:20 PM »
All the info can be found here: Shadowloo Night Live 2012: Round 6 Information  :p:

Hey guys, Ali here just reminding you all that Shadowloo Night Live is weekly now and will be on this Sunday the 4th of March in the M9 Bar at Melbourne’s Galactic Circus. We had a huge turnout last week breaking into the 50 competitor mark and we hope to keep on improving on this number.

We also saw some new faces which is always great, cause the more players that we have, the more variety of characters, the more experience, the less chance of us getting slapped silly at Shadowloo Showdown in May. Hope you guys who received some freebies enjoyed them, got to say a huge thanks to THQ Australia for helping out out there.

Sorry about not having the results up for round 3 of SNL2012, just been having some issues with the server, but it will be up tonight. Speaking of which, shoutouts to SL|ToXY for taking out AE2012, UMvC3 and KoFXIII, almost a clean sweep, only missing SCV. V1p3r had another great showing in SCV and KoFXIII and looks to be a solid fighter representing Melbourne at SS2k12. HeavyWeapons also taking second in AE2012 using Sagat and Ryu, taking out some big names along the way.

Biggest surprise though was Gabneto finishing in 2nd place, while I finished 4th in Ultimate MvC3.. crazy right!?.. I look forward to seeing who else steps it up, got to remember, still a while before SS2k12, so plenty of time to level up. Shoutouts to A/ who is a young new fighter in the scene and made a good first impression for himself.

Hopefully we’ll see more new blood come out this week. Plus, you have a chance to test out Bugsimus’ new Mad Catz V.S stick with custom made artowrk (first in the world to do it). Also, if you guys have any feedback or suggestions, please leave them in the comments on Shadowloo!