Author Topic: [Perth] - OzHadou Perth Ladder. (UMvC3 + AE2012) - 1st April  (Read 1257 times)

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[Perth] - OzHadou Perth Ladder. (UMvC3 + AE2012) - 1st April
« on: March 25, 2012, 10:30:35 PM »
The time for the Perth ladder is upon us! OzHadou Perth and Hypeclub present the OzHadou Perth Ladder Season!

The season is starting immediately, and will run most month. The statement can be found on the OzHadou Perth Facebook page.

Tournament information:
Location: Murdoch University. SS 1.032
Date: April 1st.
Time: 11am - 12noon Casuals. Then tournaments start.
Byo: Stick/Controller (360). These will not be provided for you.
Timeline: AE starts at 12. UMvC3 follows after a 30 minute intermission.
Food: ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD IN THE VENUE. (This rule must be maintained).
Rules: Standard rules apply, these are listed in the statement.
Fees: $2 door fee. $10 per tournament.

If you so desire, bring casual setups. Anyone who is willing to bring a setup to help with the tournament is welcome to, and should contact us as soon as possible so we can start accounting for that.

If you have further questions, please check the statement first before asking. If no answer is definable, then feel free to ask.

Further Link:
OzHadou Perth:
Event Link:
Frontier Assault Perth