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Author Topic: [Perth] OzHadou Perth Casuals, Sunday 29th April ft. CATHERINE TOURNAMENT  (Read 953 times)

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Come down to Murdoch this Sunday for a weekly casuals session and some valuable offline experience. Sunday Casuals are intended to be more of a freeform learning/practice session type environment.

No ladder tournaments are planned for this weekend, but feel free to hold your own DIY tournaments for some more obscure games.

SUCH AS: BESTERN AUSTRALIA Hype Club Competitive Catherine Tournament

Free entry into tournament, put your Sheep Block Pushing abilities to the test! Be a tier whore and pick the total BS OP Blue Sheep!

Location: Murdoch University. South Street, Murdoch. Social Sciences Room 1.032
Date: April 29th
Time: 11am door open
Food: ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD IN THE VENUE. (This rule must be maintained).
Fees: $2 door fee

If you so desire, bring casual setups. PS3s, Xboxs, Dreamcasts, Super Nintendos, whatever you'd like. And as usual, please try and bring a stick if you have one, it never hurts to have more/extras.

Anyone who is willing to bring a setup or equipment is welcome to, and should contact us as soon as possible so we can start accounting for that.

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