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This weekend, just to add a bit of a spin to our normal weekend of casuals, we're holding 2v2 Teams Tournaments for SSF4AE and UMVC3!

This is a great chance to get more 'tournament conditions' style practice in between the ladders.

If you don't have a pre-arranged partner, come down on the day and we'll play wingman/matchmaker and set you up with other lone wolf entrants.
There also may or may not be bonus prizes for most amusing team names.

Location: Murdoch University ECL 4 (Economics, Commerce, Law Lecture Theater 4)
Date: July 22nd
Time: 11am door open, signups and casuals until AE commences at 12:30.
Food: ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD IN THE VENUE. (This rule must be maintained).
Fees: $2 door fee

Tournament Rules:
Double Elimination brackets as standard
Both tournaments will be run A-cho format*
Money from the tournament pot will be split on the day, 70/20/10 between 1st/2nd/3rd place teams.

Entry fee: $5 per entrant
Start time: 12:30pm
Format: teams (2v2), a-cho format*, 1 game, double elimination
Other: no character repeats within a team, each person may nominate two characters they are restricted to using for the tournament.

Entry fee: $5 per entrant
Start time: 4pm (basically after AE wraps up and a lunch break)
Format: teams (2v2), a-cho format*, best of 3 games, double elimination

*A-cho format goes like this: Team A (A1, A2) vs Team B (B1, B2). A1 vs B1, A2 vs B2. If winners of both games are from the same team they progress to the next round. If one person from each team wins, they play each other with the winning team advance to the next round.

A1 vs B1 (A1 wins)
A2 vs B2 (B2 wins)
A1 vs B2 (A1 wins) Team A advances

If you have any questions feel free to post them here. Or on the Facebook event page.

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