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Various streams have been run by different people on and off over the past couple of years, but none have run consistantly, either at consistant times, or on consistant weeks. I would like to change that going forward. I believe we need to show the world, as well as each other, just what goes down on the online battlefield between Australia's top players, in several games.

Therefore, as of this weekend, I will be running 2 stream sessions each weekend, featuring a different game per session. The main stays will be shown, UMVC3, SSF4AE, as well as games that appear to be increasingly popular in the community, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, King of Fighters XIII, and possibly others. Not only that, but where there is demand, the above games on other platforms will also be featured, the first being SSF4AE on PC.

Session 1:
When: Friday, 7:00PM to 12:00AM eastern daylight time.
Game: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (XBox 360)
Event: Free for anyone to jump in and play, fire up a player match and join the session hosted by TheMuso.
Tune in at:

Session 2:
When: Sunday 2:00PM to 7:00PM eastern daylight time.
Game: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Version 2012 (XBox 360).
Event: Free for anyone to jump in and play, fire up a player match and join the session hosted by TheMuso.
Tune in at:

I have initially chosen these times as I want to try and get the best cross section of gamers accross the weekend, ensuring that I do not clash with any other events that may occur over the weekend, the regular YSB events and Shadowloo Night Live come to mind. Stream sessions will not likely run at all on weekends that have majors, e.g BAM, OHN, etc. Session times may change if there is enough demand from a particular player base that want to get their game some air time, and if I can fit it into my day/evening.

At this point in time, I am not considering running any games on the PS3, as I am under the impression that the vast majority of players on this site are on Xbox 360 and in the case of AE, on PC. However as above, if there is enough demand, I will run sessions for PS3, bearing in mind I will likely have to source the game first. Out of the currently popular games, I only have AE for PS3.

With regards to the sessions this week:
 * Nothing special, as I expect this will be a final shakedown with regards to getting the stream quality and game bandwidth latency stuff sorted out.
 * I will host a lobby, probably the maximum size possible, unless that presents latency/streaming issues.
 * At this stage I will leave the lobby open for all, so to give everybody an opportunity to play on stream, please consider leaving the lobby if you have had more than 2 consecutive losses in a row. This is only if the lobby is full.
 * Please look carefully at the connection quality indicator of your opponent before playing your match, for your own sake, for your opponent's sake, and for viewers of the stream. If you feel you cannot consistantly get a deacent connection to opponents in the lobby, please let me know. It is very possible that I will run sessions for specific regions of Australia, i.e SA, WA etc in the future, if there is demand.
 * I will not be playing, so wait for my gamertag to drop to the bottom of the list to get to the next match. The winner of the last match should indicate ready to make sure this occurs.
 * I will be capturing all matches, and will be uploading them to youtube. Please let me know if you do NOT want your matches to be uploaded.
 * If there are no players coming into the lobby for either game this weekend, I will go searching for descent replays in the case of AE, and in the case of Marvel, I will likely go searching on youtube for good UMVC3 matches to show, but I will go to air for both streams even if nobody is around to play on them, which I hope there will be. :)

For future sessions, as well as covering other games and other platforms, I would like to do more than have an open lobby. Such events as first to 5 matches between top players of a game are possible, and other ideas are welcome. PC players please be patient, I should be able to give AE for PC a run next week, I need to run a few tests and iron out any issues before attempting to capture from PC.

Hope to see you either in the lobby, or watching the stream. Please spread the word in the online community, as there are likely players who regularly play the above games and do not frequent this site.


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I'll iron out some details regarding the other games.

VF5FS can be done - the game has room matches (>2 man lobbies) but there is a 30 second delay after each game, as opposed to rematching straight away on player matches, although it is 1v1. The reason for the 30 second delay is to allow players to enter these matches since the game does not let browsing players in during a game.

King of Fighters XIII has no lobbies, its all 1v1 IIRC and the netcode has a mind of its own.
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Thanks for the heads up for those games, thats a pain. I'll check out the VF5 online stuff at some point, but seems KOF is out. Bummer. :S