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Getting started in UMvC3
« on: August 31, 2012, 09:31:22 AM »
Iíve owned UMvC3 since itís release, and I find it a really fascinating game to watch, yet the hours Iíve actually spent playing it could be counted on both hands.

Why? Because the game scares the hell out of me.

I come from a FG background of having grown up on the SF series, occasionally branching out into games like Tekken and Dead or Alive. I did play MvC2, but only against the CPU in the arcades. UMvC3 is this radically different beast to me because itís functionally so different to any fighter Iíve ever tried to play. Iíve tried watching videos like FCís ďBabies guideĒ but that only explains the technology of the game, it doesnít go into any detail about how the game should be played.

For example, thereís an excellent 3-Part series on YouTube called ď2D fighting tutorialĒ ( which covers a lot of fundamentals for SFIV in terms of wakeups zoning, spacing, ectÖitís just a very simple to understand guide of how to play the game that gives you a good foundation to build your strategy on.

So, can anyone help me out here? Good links to share? Lengthy rants on hand?

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Re: Getting started in UMvC3
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2012, 10:47:42 PM »
Go into the lab and come up with some ideas you think are good + learn your combos then go play somebody better than you so you can drop your combos a million times, get hit by the same mix-ups and get your arse kicked every time one of your ideas fail. Extended sets are good because it becomes painfully clear the areas you need to work on + playing offline means you can ask the stupid questions ie should i block x mix-up high or low, when do i push-block to stop an unblockable set-up or whatever else.

Practice your combos heaps, watch high level players for their mix-ups + neutral game rather than swag and troll the SRK forums heaps. Rinse repeat and you can sorta play marvel

Re: Getting started in UMvC3
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2012, 11:57:33 PM »
There is no real way to play Marvel, it's a very creative fighting game compared to most given the variety of tools on offer. This is generally what scares most people off playing since it doesn't 'make sense' to other fighting game players who are not used to having such a wide range of options available (add to that the fact that many traditional fighting game fundamentals do not matter as much or are far less effective, such as the classic fireball/uppercut game).

In all honesty though (trying to be unbiased here), marvel 3 is probably the easiest fighting game to pick up and be competitive at in a short amount of time. Plenty of easy mode chars with dial a combos and xfactor do a lot to mitigate the skill difference between advanced and beginner players, and all the different options you have generally start to make sense within a few months of solid play. Saying that, the game is also very gimmicky, and given it's fast pace some things will drive you nuts trying to block in the initial stages.

The first thing you should ask yourself is what sort of team do you want to play. That will answer your question of how you should play the game. The basic categories and Keepaway/Zoning and Rushdown. A lot of chars can be played in both ways, but will excel in one.

Once you've chosen the style you want to play, choose the chars that suit that style. Quick examples for keepaway are Morrigan, Modok, V Joe, Hawkeye, Taskmaster (Note that some of these chars can rush as well). Quick examples or rushdown are Wolv, Felicia, Skrull, X-23, Spencer and to an extent Vergil. In the middle you have chars like Doom, Zero, Magneto and Dorm who can pick and choose whether they want to rush or zone.

After char selection, you've got team synergy to think about. Assists won't take long to get used to, but they can make or break your team. Rushdown chars you'll want a lockdown assist such as Akuma tatsu, Frank trolley, Sent Drones, Doom plasma or missiles. These assists can also work well for keepaway though since they act as a 'get off me' button, or they add to the zoning frenzy (i.e Morri/Doom). Popular team ups are;

Mags/Doom Missiles

The other thing to consider for assist is combo extension. If an assist has no other strong factors about them, it's generally possible to find a combo extender in some form or another if you're creative enough with it.

The last thing to consider is the anchor position. Given that X-Factor gets stronger the fewer chars you have, the final spot can give you access to some pretty scary comeback potential. Team orders generally go Point/Point/Assist or Point/Assist/Anchor, although with good synergy you can find chars that are good anchors and good assists (Magneto is a good example for this). Some of the better anchors are Phoenix (note: A phoenix team will dramatically change the way you have to play your team), Vergil, Magneto and Wesker.

Once you have your team/s that you are thinking about playing sorted, post back up and I'll try to put you on a solid path of where to go.
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Re: Getting started in UMvC3
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2013, 07:46:47 PM »
Marvel to a new player like me who has only played limited SF4 and Injustice seems very hectic, projectiles and assists flying all over the place where any hit can mean the end of the match depending upon the opponents execution. But at the same time it is also very exciting to watch and play I do doubt how effective solo training is as I've heard that everything changes when facing live opponents. I know I'll suck for a long time but I'm looking forward to slowly leveling up while getting involved with the small Aussie scene we have here.