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[AUS] OHN 11 equipment thread - Casual Setups!
« on: January 15, 2013, 11:20:36 AM »

We're making our usual call out to the community to those of your perhaps interested in contributing casual stations/setups for OHN 11.

Like last year, OzHadou will be providing a number of complete stations for both casual and tournament play, but as with any tournament numbers are up and more casual stations for games = more fun for everybody. At least, that's how the science goes. Last year we saw a great turn out of equipment volunteers and it would be awesome to see that again. Last year's Friday night and Saturday casuals were especially successful due to the generosity demonstrated by those who contributed setups so everybody could get a stack of casual games in.

So, if you are able to contribute a setup for OHN's casual arena by all means sing out and let me know the details of what you can provide. In the interest of consistency, please use the following format to relay what you can bring to the table whether it be via a reply to this thread or a private message to myself:

Gaming handle:
Console type:
Supplied game(s):
Screen type:
Equipment labelled:

So for example:

Name: Dude Guy
Gaming handle: Tekkensandwiches
Console type: Xbox 360
Supplied game(s): SFIV, KOF
Screen type: BenQ E2400
Speakers: Yes
Equipment labelled: You bet your ass it is
Notes: I can't make Friday. I'd prefer my station was dedicated to KOF.


Each section should be self explanatory. Note the 'equipment labelled' section - this is important. While we do not have any recorded instances of equipment being stolen at OHN, we HAVE had some cases of folks picking up the wrong game discs and so on when packing gear up. This has NOT been the case for those with labelled gear.

In the notes area please also specify if you'd prefer your gear was dedicated to a specific game. For example, if you're bringing a setup and you're a Marvel fan - naturally you want it dedicated to the glory that which is Marvel and not something else like Skullgirls or Street Fighter. This will also allow us to gauge our balance of setups so we can shuffle the OzHadou console software accordingly.

If you have any questions, please fire away via a reply to this thread or via a private message. To those of you able to contribute setups to OHN - your generosity is much appreciated not just by those running OHN, but also by your fighting game peers. We all salute ye.
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Re: [AUS] OHN 11 equipment thread - Casual Setups!
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2013, 09:41:04 PM »
Name: Jonafriend
Gaming handle: Jerpa derp derp
Console type: Xbox 360 x 1
Supplied game(s): SSFIV, Marvel, SFxT, KOF, 3s, Skullgirls... Basically everything except Tekken
Screen type: BENQ G2420HD x 2
Equipment labelled: Probably
Notes: Need one more console for 2 complete set-ups

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Re: [AUS] OHN 11 equipment thread - Casual Setups!
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2013, 03:07:21 PM »

Note that we are offering a $30 rebate for those who are able to supply complete setups for OHN casual stations. As above, please PM me or drop a message here in the suggested format if you are able to do so.

For those curious, the venue is locked and secured each day with the first and last people to enter/leave the room being the handsome devils from the OzHadou group should you choose to leave your setup over night.

Please consider contributing a setup if you are able.
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