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Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 24: Bugsimus
« on: February 15, 2013, 03:42:35 PM »

Hi guys, this episode has been a long time coming, and we’ve finally convinced one of the most hardworking men in the fighting game community to sit down with us. Justin “Bugsimus” Creed has pretty much pioneered the entire business of streaming fighting games in Melbourne over the last three years from his own pocket and expertise. Without him there would be no SNL streams, much less world-class streams such as the BAM or Shadowloo Showdown streams. (SS2012 had near 20k viewers during the finals.)

Bugs is just a rock solid good dude, and is one of the biggest pillars supporting the Melbourne fighting game community. In this episode I managed to get Igor to return for just one episode to co-host, seeing as Igor was part of Bug’s staff for the BAM and SS streams and understands a fair bit about the technology. I figured that I would need his help, being an AV noob.

We talk about a fair few topics in this podcast; such as the blood sweat and tech behind his streams, how he grew from Forza recordings to creating his own stream team “Team Bugs”, streaming SS and Diablo, cameras and microphones, how much he hates certain big screen TVs, Shadowlogic, the community in general and just how he manages to keep his passion going.

I hope you guys enjoy the interview, and let us raise a glass (filled with alcoholic beverage to butter Bugs) to one of the silent heroes of our community.
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Re: Don’t be a Scrub Podcast Episode 24: Bugsimus
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Oh shit, Monteith's?

Bugs officially just become Melbourne's most respectable gentleman.

Great interview :D
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