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OHN11 Results
« on: February 24, 2013, 12:29:25 PM »
Below you'll find the top 8 results for all 5 official tournaments at OHN11. I'll update this post live as the finals unfold, so refresh for the latest and post your shout-outs and feedback below.

VF5:FS Finals - Results

Finals bracket

1. [VIC] AlexMD2011
2. [NSW] Megadeath
3. [NSW] kientan
4. [NSW] MadeMan
5. [QLD] NefeliousG
5. [NSW] Chill
7. [NSW] CrowdPleasingMoves
7. [VIC] Berzerk!

KOF13 Finals - Results

Finals bracket

1. [QLD] ON|Colonov
2. [WA] derrace
3. [NSW] Chen
4. [VIC] Ero_Oyaji
5. [SA] Nerk
5. [NSW] Alexk
7. [QLD] Qmar
7. [SA] A1Major

TTT2 Finals - Results

Finals bracket

1. [NSW] MMT
2. [NSW] Kantoro
3. [VIC] X
4. [VIC] talons
5. [NSW] Zhan
5. [NSW] Lord Silver
7. [QLD] Marimo-San
7. [NSW] Meat

SSF4:AE - Results

Finals bracket

1. [VIC] gb
2. [NSW] ShangTsung
3. [VIC] SL.SoL
4. [NSW] robsux
5. [VIC] DB ToXY
5. [NSW] Genxa
7. [NSW] Punk
7. [VIC] Zgeus

UMvC3 Finals - Results

Finals bracket

1. [NSW] Arnold Desu
2. [VIC] Antman
3. [QLD] Ghandi aka Low Blow
4. [QLD] NefeliousG
5. [VIC] Somniac
5. [QLD] Baxter
7. [QLD] Tyrone
7. [VIC] DB ToXY

SF3:3S OE DIY Results


1. [NSW] Genxa
2. [NSW] MN
3. [VIC] DB ToXY

DOA5 OE DIY Results


1. [VIC] Berzerk
2. [VIC] AlexMD2011
3. [VIC] Gab

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Re: OHN11 Results
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2013, 09:46:29 AM »
Congrats to genki for winning ssf4 and Arnold for marvel. Great job guys
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Re: OHN11 Results
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2013, 10:29:14 AM »
There is a post OHN lunch today at Sanctuary Hotel (corner of Kent Street and Liverpool Street) from around 12-12.30pm. If you're still in Sydney, try to make it! It is a good opportunity to catch up with everyone one last time.

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Re: OHN11 Results
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2013, 06:37:50 PM »
There is a post OHN lunch today at Sanctuary Hotel (corner of Kent Street and Liverpool Street) from around 12-12.30pm. If you're still in Sydney, try to make it! It is a good opportunity to catch up with everyone one last time.
well shit...I was sleeping...
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Re: OHN11 Results
« Reply #4 on: February 25, 2013, 08:22:06 PM »
Grats to Genkibot, Arnold, and all the other winners... was a pleasure to watch.

From my end of things, just wanted to give a big thankyou to everyone who was involved with the stream -- especially JB and his helpers for putting the production together -- doubly so at short notice. It's a thoroughly thankless job at the best of times and without him, the 1000++++ people who tuned in over the course of the weekend wouldn't have been able to. Legend.

Also a big thanks to anyone and everyone who helped to commentate over the weekend. I'm sorry if I've forgotten any of you:

Choice Cuts

jaunty and I are frauds that only know one game in semi-considerable detail so without you guys we'd be up the creek for the bulk of the weekend. We chose you because you were the best for the job and you didn't let us down. You never asked us, we asked you, and chances are you didn't show up with the expectation that you'd be sitting behind a desk being the voice of the game: so for you to give up your time to help the stream out - doubly so if you came from interstate to play - was much appreciated. The stream chat was incredibly receptive to you guys and - rather uncharacteristically, it must be said - nobody was told to disappear forever for their efforts. Considering the stream chats I tend to see from around the world, that's a near-first!

Love you all.

PS. If you were watching online and the quality was iffy, the archives are largely intact, so feel free to go back and watch.
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Re: OHN11 Results
« Reply #5 on: February 25, 2013, 08:40:31 PM »
Thanks to all the tournament organisers for putting together such an outstanding weekend. This was my first Australian major and I loved every moment of it. Be proud of a fantastic gathering for Australian fighting games.

GGs to everybody I played in just about every tournament I could enter, it was great to meet so many new people, some I knew from online and meeting some for the first time.

Re: OHN11 Results
« Reply #6 on: February 25, 2013, 08:51:03 PM »
I'd like to echo Goodpart's remarks regarding players stepping up for commentary. I always feel like a scumbag when I ask you guys to lend us some of your time because I feel like it's taking away from what should more or less be a holiday for you. So a special thanks to everyone who stepped up, interstate and NSW alike. The stream would've sucked without your help and we're eternally grateful for your help.

Speaking of streams not happening, JB needs a special mention. Without him, there's a good chance little to none of OHN11 would have been streamed or recorded. JB saved us by offering to come down when things looked pretty bleak despite having a new family member to look after. Thanks to JB & Co for all of the gear you lugged down and all of the expertise you brought with you. You and your helpers put on an awesome show.

I also want to single out and thank Somniac/Toxy/Heavy Weapons and Genxa/Thirdeye/Afterdeath for jumping in and saving us from almost an hour of dead air on Sunday with an exhibition which was organised more or less on the spot. You guys stepped up with some high level play on basically no notice and it ended up being some of the best AE we saw all weekend. You pulled us out of the fire and looked good doing it.

Finally, well done to the winners and thank you for the show you put on. Arnold for looking like a starstruck kid at Wonderland no matter what happened, Genkibot for setting new benchmarks in haircare technology and nerd combos, and all of the other winners, runners up and players for being awesome at what you do.
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Re: OHN11 Results
« Reply #7 on: February 25, 2013, 09:39:13 PM »
As my first event/anything, this was pretty damn cool. Awesome play, learned a bunch from playing people a level above me. Special note goes to the state pride people exhibited, made the matches so much more exciting. Huge thanks to everyone for organising this, will definitely get myself to some monthlies now.

A shame I couldn't make it to Afterdeath's thingo afterwards, told him I was planning on it, but stuff and things came up, as they do.

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Re: OHN11 Results
« Reply #8 on: February 25, 2013, 10:09:26 PM »
WOW! What an awesome action filled weekend that was, had an absolute blast with all my friends and family in Sydney for Ozhadou Nationals 11!

Overall I was happy with my placing even though I seem to have a 3rd place curse in majors though :( lol but taking out exceptional players like FreeRider, Arnold, Falco, Kientan, Punk, ToXY and Rob made this my most satisfying 3rd placing without a doubt.

Special shoutout to these people in particular,

To the Ozhadou staff first and foremost for putting on a fantastic event, your hard work is always appreciated very much, I look forward to next year!

Genki - You did what I knew you could all along, I now give you my title of flashiest player in AUS ♥

Shangtsung - Without a doubt the most consistent player in AUS at the moment and I'm sure no one can argue that, keep up the awesome work brother!

RobSux - I've always believed me and Rob are very similar in playstyle which is why I've always looked up to you and finally beating you in tournament after 2 years felt like I threw a massive monkey off of my back ^_^ I am now ready to say that in my honest opinion you are #1 in Australia :)

ZG - You've come so far in such a short amount of time and you finally performed in a major! So proud of ya my good man make sure you keep this good form going Rufus master!

Phero - You will be #1 in Australia at some stage this I am certain of, you just need to find yourself a strong back up character you sharpie!

Somniac & Carnage - Thanks for the advice during the weekend, really do appreciate it buttercups ♥

FreeRider - I finally got you in tournament! It was awesome fun playing you bro and oh so satisfying winning :P haha but honestly you're still one of Sydney's best and always a threat to anybody!

To all my The Shadowloo and Melbourne brothers who supported and comforted me the whole weekend I am forever grateful to have you guys in my life ♥

I would like to finish off by saying throughout all the rivalry, trash talk and what not I really do love each and every one of you interstate sharpies and I promise I am going to make Shadowloo Showdown this year incredible for you all ♥

If I forgot to mention anyone just remember you're in my heart :D

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ X 1000000

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Re: OHN11 Results
« Reply #9 on: February 25, 2013, 10:54:03 PM »
Pics from the OHN 11 weekend thanks to Soltography X Bosslogic

I'll have a post event write up tonight or tomorrow night. Kinda tired.  :P

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Re: OHN11 Results
« Reply #10 on: February 26, 2013, 01:08:07 AM »
Another year and another OzHadou Nationals event completed. Gonna give a few shoutouts below, though I am running on a few hours of sleep, so if I make mistakes or if I forget some people and some moments, please forgive me.

Let's break it down into states. First off..

Western Australia.

 You guys are some of the coolest kids in the FGC, except Coolz, which is weird cause it's in his gamer name. Nah, he's alright.
Was really hoping to see what Klay had to offer in Puzzle Fighter 2, but I guess we'll have to find out the next time you're in Melbourne.

Was a pleasure getting to play Kae in Marvel, well done on stepping up and accepting my donation match. You surprised me and I look forward to seeing you keep on leveling up.

Congrats on Derrace for taking out our hopes to winning KoF by defeating Edi and proving he is a true force in the Australian KoF scene.

Can't wait to catch up again.


You guys are like the small cousin of Melbourne. We love you, but you're annoying, especially Ned job and he wasn't even there.

I kid, I kid, you guys are too awesome and it's always a pleasure catching up. Glad to see a huge turnout for every Australian event. Not many states make the effort like Adelaide does.

While OHN11 wasn't your best showing, at least there were some highlights to take away. Falco making top 16 in both AE and Marvel! Moosking beating me, though it was probably fate, cause if I had won and then beaten Genki... who knows what would have happened!

Glad Gary made it down, especially cause Edi got to show him how BAM felt for us! Haha, love you Gary. Now that A1 and Edi are 1 a piece... we need to settle it, so maybe at BAM eh?..

Hope you guys keep leveling up like you are and I look forward to catching up at BAM or AVCON, or where ever, I know we're going to have a sick time.


You guys once again proved to be a dominating force in AE, Tekken and Marvel, Marvel mainly thanks to Arnold, the rest of you slackers need to step it up!

Honestly though, Sydney Tekken is so strong, some Melbourne players came close this year, but again fell short to the might of Kantaro and MMT. Hopefully our scene will one day be able to take the crown.

Shoutouts to Bryce for setting up the sweet cabinet and Youssef for being the best Tekken ambassador on the planet.

As for AE, Shang and Rob once again proving why they are regarded as some of the top players in Australia and I have no doubt will hold their own against some of the best in the world.

Both know the game inside and out and both totally cool cats who I'm honored to call my friends. I hope you both don't get down too much about the loss and come to BAM to run it back. I have no doubt the Juri match up will be downloaded by that time and we will have ourselves a real match.

Also quick shoutout to the A tier (Shang and Rob being S) of Sydney. Kietan, Genxa, Fury, Punk, Huck, Afterdeath, CrazyFreeRider, Vindik8, who are all top players and are a threat to anyone who takes them on. Not to mention super nice dudes. Again, hope to see you all make it down.

As for Marvel, Arnold, winning back to back Marvel tournaments is crazy, well done to him. Some of that blocking during the finals was INSANE, like what the shit... is he a robot?.. 

Honestly, I wanted Ant to win, but it couldn't have gone to a nicer kid. I will have you know though, we've already got strats to counter your "Sniper Hyper" tactic, so maybe we'll get to use them at BAM if you come down, if not, we're going to have to hold that L till ButtonSmash or the EB Expo.

Keep on improving Arnold, cause as you improve, everyone else who plays or even just watches you improves as well. Going to be sick seeing you against some of the best in the world at SS2k13.


One of my favorite states, cause you gave us people like Low Blow, Colonov, Deathwish and Testikills.

Another epic showing by the QLD Marvel team. You guys didn't have the best OHN last year, but made up for it big time this year. Sure you didn't win the tournament, but you guys cleaned up in the "Donation" matches and took out some big name players along the way.

Tom pulling out this crazy team I've never seen before and ripping people up. Genius player who could have easily taken out the whole tournament. Sucks we didn't get to see the Ant vs Tom FT10, but both players weren't in the right state of mind, so probably best it didn't go ahead.

I know you don't have love for the game at the moment Tom, but hopefully a break will do you well.

Now, I want to talk about the player I think who might be the best in Australia at the moment. Or at least equal best alongside Antman and Arnold.

That man is Baxter. He has improved so much in such a short amount of time, it's insane. Those hit confirms are alien... seriously out of this world. Some of the setups, mixups and random shit he was doing blew my mind and many others there.

No doubt he will be one of the players to hold it down against the internationals at SS, especially if he keeps on getting better. And.... doesn't run into Low Blow.

Seriously, Low Blow, if it weren't for you, I think Baxter may have taken out the whole event. But, never the less, you showed the student who was the master and kept him modest till the next big event. Keep on training together, cause it's really paying off.

Colonov! Big fan!! We need to bring down Mad KoF, or Bala to SS, cause someone needs to stop you bruv! Haha, you're the best man, hope we catch up soon.

Minh really surprised me. To take out Burnout twice is insane, especially when he was one of my favorites to win the whole event.

Tyrone, no many people destroyed me over the weekend, but you sir, destroyed me. I could have beaten Arnold if I didn't drop my Strider combos, which made me feel good considering he won the event, but when I played you, it felt like I just started playing the game again. BUT... I will destroy you next time. <3

As for Deathwish, the most DISGUSTING player in Oz. I know you were disappointed with your performance, but don't be man, there will be more events and now that you have Haggar strats, nothing will stop you.

Bloody Glassy, taking my money... I'll get it back at BAM!
But thanks for taking care of the book keeping, was great of you to step up like that, you are a true gentlemen.

Seriously love you guys and I hope to make it to my first ButtonSmash this year. You guys will be part of the wall that will take down the international invaders and I'm glad to have you on our side at SS.

Testi is alright for a ranga.
Hai is a huge bitch.



You guys are some of the best people I know and may ever know. We had some sick moments over the weekend that we will remember for a life time.

I honestly have no idea what kind of event OHN would have been without Melbourne there. No where near as hype, that's for sure.

First off, Genki, well done mate, you kept Melbourne the home of AE with your insane X-Factor, HD combos with Juri. You pretty much mind raped the shit out of everyone there.

You also took out some people who were calling you trash and proved them and the other doubters wrong. I knew you could do it all along, it was in my predictions after all. =b

Sol, my dear brother. You defeated so many of your demons in one weekend, that it's crazy. You took out Punk who took you down last year, BKsama would not take you on and rightly so... you beat Falco who took you out at BAM in convincing fashion. You lost to Robsux in pools, but you stepped up and took him out which has been a long time coming in my opinion. Next time though, take a break before going into the next match.

Cause you played worse than I did against Mooseking and Shang was on point. Anyway, still one of the best in Aus and only getting better. Can't wait for you to rip out your secret character in tournament someday.

ToXY, you didn't have the best weekend, but your name alone still strikes fear into anyone who is matched yo against you and with good reason. So damn solid, but a little unlucky. I have no doubt you will bounce back and leave a trail of dead bodies in your path. Do the drop bears proud mate.

Carnage. No idea how you lost to Henry, though it might be cause of how bad you slapped him last year and he wanted to avenge himself, which he did.

You nearly made it back, but just a few little mistakes cost you the game against Robsux. Doesn't matter, cause with Cammy by your side, you will be soiling people for years to come.

Yooooo Antman!! My little Asian Sol. You are like a brother to me, so seeing you do so well made me so damn proud. Now that we got that new strat down, no one will stop you, not at BAM, not at EB Expo, not at ButtonSmash and hopefully not at SS.

Don't ever feel like you let us down, cause you never do.

Vitriol, Phero... you guys had it rough, but you did your best and that's all that we ask from you. Keep your chins up, you guys will get them next time.

Xavier, one of the smartest players going around. I know it wasn't your best event, but damn you put on a good show, in both AE and Marvel. And the way you stepped up to take out AfterDeath in that 3v3 was godlike. Good luck with the new team bruv.

Burnout my friend. Don't stress, Minh had your number this time, but there will be other tournaments and there is no question in my mind you will be back to your best and making people rip their hair out in no time.

You are the king of the demon....  in Marvel. AE, it's mine. I love you man, remember that.

Solid Stef. So fray.. but so Shadowlogic. What on earth were you doing all weekend!?... How did you not win you sad c***!?
Then you give me a heart attack in that first to five with Tyrone.

I hate you, but damn do I respect you. You're also my son.

Fish, again, another player who should/could have won the whole thing. No doubt it was nerves, but with more big tournament experience, people will get to know the real power of the Fish Force.
You are a great friend mate, never change.

Bun. I know you and others had high hopes, including myself, but just like fish, no doubt it was nerves. Learn from it and we'll come back to destroy them next time my good man.
You are one of the dudes who made the trip worth it. My land....

Rossco, the FGC whore. I fucking love you bro and so does everyone else. Don't worry about what happened at OHN11, just focus on the next event, I will keep training with you and we'll move forward together.

ZG!! What a beast. I told you that you'll go big things. Now people will remember your name. Keep on improving and work on that pocket Fei Long of yours to cover all angles.
Was great to have you tag along bruv.

Bugs, Shadowfox and Chris, you three are amazing, I hope you both know that. No matter what happens, I hope you three will always be around. Pretty much my brothers. Trip would not have been the same without you guys.

Speaking of brothers. Kode. You are amazing, as a person and as a player. Don't let these fools tell you different. I know you were playing nervous, but even so, you still stepped up and put on a great show. You will be a force at BAM, I know you will.

Pyro... hope you are treating Claire right. She's a great catch, just like Stef, so keep her happy. Anyway, while most think you're washed up in AE, I know otherwise and you proved it at OHN11 by taking out Huck who I feel is a huge treat.

Sucks to hear about KoF, but I'm sure you had your reasons for being late. ;)

Smuttons! Yes Smuttons, I know what you were watching in the hotel room. Seriously though, taking out AfterDeath and nearly taking out Tom in Marvel?...

You are like the dude who can become invisible when no one is looking. But your power is you become pro in fighting games when no one is looking.

If there is a tournament where you played in closed off booths, you would win. Keep up the awesome work Smuttons.

Felix, one of the newest additions to the Melbourne FGC, or the Shadowlooians as they call it..
You are a great friend and it's a pleasure, no... an honor to have you on our side. You're only getting better in AE, so by the time BAM or SS roll around, you're going to deal some real damage.

Aside from that, you rep Melbourne well and never move away, cause I will find you and I will kill you.

Edi... I see you Edi! Don't worry mate, you'll get them next time. At least you got revenge against A1, which would have felt amazing, plus you helped people eat well that night!

AlexMD and Gab, well done on holding it down for VF5. I know you wanted to preform better Gab, but keep training with Akira and you'll be no.1 in no time.

Borgie! Congrats to the runner up placing for Soul Calibur. At least someone held it down for Melbourne in that! Hope you enjoyed the ribs along with Robdawg my good man!

Heavy and Muzz, I know you guys didn't live up to your expectations, but these things happen. You can only hold your head up high and move forward. Focus on the next big thing and rep PP well.

Loki. Again, your performance wasn't at it's best, but now that you have some more time on your hands, it's time to come down to the HQ more often and level up before BAM, EBX, BS or SS! I will train you personally, though that might make you worse.

Well done to our Tekken boys of sending a great team to OHN this year. We were so close. Well done especially to X and Jack who gave us the biggest chance. We shall take it out next year, right boys!?..

Shoutouts to Lee, Claire and the New Castle crew for making the 40+ Melbourne cheering leading squad even more louder than ever before. The other states stood no chance.

I fear what might have happened if Antman actually won. 0_0

I know I am forgetting people and I will add to it when I remember, but seriously, if you're a gamer... Melbourne is the place to be.

I know most states think Melbourne is the devil, or Melbourne are the villains of the FGC, but whatever, if that is what they think, we will be the best damn villains the gaming world has ever seen!


Shoutouts to the OHN staff, commentators, JB for the stream and everyone involved in another great event. But next time you are going to be biased over the house mic, give me one too, so we can make it even. :P

Get some rest people and I'll see you when I see you.

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Re: OHN11 Results
« Reply #11 on: February 26, 2013, 02:20:01 PM »
Firstly i'd like say.... MELBOURNE BABY!

Good job to everybody especially ae, which i feel melbourne in the past has really underachieved and been unlucky in. Genki well done bro i told ya butter was in coming ya kent! Very good performance man best i've seen you play. You were solid smart and cheeky.

Sol Well done habib you finally broke ya ohn curse, only one more curse to go :P You will get there bro and when you do you will get the ultimate butter.

ShangTsung brother i feel bad for ya cos it was clear that you didn't have an understanding of the juri matchup. However 2nd 2 years in a row is by no means something that is easy to do. I'm scared of whats gonna happen when your seth improves further ya bastard!

Robsux: Seriously bro you are one of my favorite players to not only watch but to play. Unlucky bro.But 4th place is also a very strong showing especially with the players you had to face. We finally got a few games in! haha.

Toxy: Bro you have hardly touched sf4 for age and since super haven't really attempted to level up or learn new shit. It amazes me how you can still stay so sharp with how little you play this game man. With a bit more luck i believe you could have gone all the way as could have a few others.

Genxa: Dude i feel your ae game has improved. Your yun is sharp stick to him please! I really enjoyed vsing you and watching it. Yun is rare in aus but hands down your yun is the best ive seen here or vsd. Well done dude. You gave me a good run in an unfavorable matchup for your character in the exhibitons.

Zg: Well done IP MAN! You have been working hard for a long time now and caught the break you deserve. Def one of the strongest up comers for a while and you cracked it. Now its time to level up even more and get top 3 at a major :) Good shit.

Punk: I really wanted to play ya man but unfortunately i haven't been playing enough or have the spark that i once did. Well done you were the player in my pool that i felt was the biggest threat and you showed the reasoning behind it by getting out in winners and making top 8 good job bro. Hope we can get some games in soon even online. I really wanna have some sets with ya.

Some special shout outs:
Freerider you scarred me again you bugger! I love you but i hate you.haha.
AlexK your game was very strong next time we play expect my sagat to be not so rusty though :P
Afterdeath well done on beating me in the exhibition. I've told you for a long time now that gief can win that match and its not 7-3 one read away from a win every match bro! Good job you were on point.

Somniac: thanks for cleaning up gief for me bro i wouldn't have forgiven myself if we lost!

Ikuya: You have to be one of my favorite players to play against very fun games man! Akuma sweep so strong!

Now i want to give a mega shout out and thank you to gamogo. Shane from the get go you were nothing but a fucking awesome host. I really appreciate you allowing me to crash at your place. And you better come to melbourne so i can show you melbourne hospitality. Without a doubt i couldn't have attended the event if it wasnt for you. I think the community does not understand how much work some of you and the other ohn organizers actually put in to this event. So thank you very much bro highly appreciate it.You're not bad geezer!

Ziggy thanks for re opening the rego. I know nobody messes with the ziggy brackets!haha but good job man it's good to see you step back into the front line of to's.

Well done to all the top placers in each respective game.

Also wanna give a shout out to goodpart and jaunty your commentary has improved a lot and i think you guys are a good team. Good to see you guys dont make assumptions on things when you don't know something that to me is a cardinal sin too many commentators make. Thumbs up and i hope to hear more in the future.

Good to see everyone and though i'm salty with my form on the weekend it was a great event and i'm happy to finally say melbourne came through with the goods. LETS RUN IT BACK AT BAM.

Oi Oi Moi. Best Crunch Heavy Punch in melbourne! fimblers and fimblettes get slapped silleh!

Re: OHN11 Results
« Reply #12 on: February 26, 2013, 04:47:18 PM »
It's okay Heavy, I even said to Henry before the exhibition: "This is should be called the 6-salty-men exhibition."

We are all top players in Australia, but I know that neither Henry or ToXY were pleased that they were 1 win from top 4 and also eliminated by their fellow Sydney/Melbourne player Rob and Sol. But me and Somniac didn't even make it out of our pools, see that's why we obviously gave it our best during that exhibition.

Or we could've named it our exhibition "the 3 Asians vs the 3 Gwailos" 8)

In addition to the OzHadou crew for not only setting up and running this joint for so many years, I'd also like to give my thanks for lending some equipment to run the Salty Suite. And special thanks to all the interstaters who came over.

Congratulations to Genkibot for winning AE...I knew from my bracket that you will be my biggest threat in the pools, if anyone remember the match we played at BAM. I can't feel salty now that you've won the tournament. I'll be seeing you when I go down to Melbourne in this year's BAM and see if we get to run it back.

And Arnold, you are truly the best there is in Marvel now, having won OHN for two consec years. You've especially inspired us all in this game, and I hope one day you can go to Evo and prove yourself!

Until next year!
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Re: OHN11 Results
« Reply #13 on: February 26, 2013, 06:13:05 PM »
To say this weekend was anything but fun would be a lie. Even through the disappointment it was great that we all came together.
Shoutouts to OZHADOU for making me look like the biggest Geek when asked 'So what are you doing this weekend'.. i wont lie. I think its still pretty cool to tell ya the truth.

Congrats to Melbourne for their performance this year and especially GB! You totally dont look like you sound on live man hahah.

Heavy - So glad you made it!. After watching the replay i cringe thinking that i frauded you.... again  8) .. which i did and openly admit! :) You will run it back with me soon i promise, but until then keep hatin on me with ur angry scar!
Sol - Even tho you demolished me it was satisfying losing to you and i appreciate all the unbiased feedback you give. Your the man to keep an eye out for at SS!
Shang - This isnt the end, nor is it an indication of what kind of player you are. You are the best in my eyes and just about everyone in syd can agree.
Rob - Always awesome watching you play your technical characters and even better when its me getting my ass handed to me. Love the consistency and 'daigo like' disappointment! lol
Som - Sorry we get a chance to play the MM but will be sure to next time we meet.

Everyone who made it to Sydney to make this the biggest event yet. THANK YOU!
Thank you to the organizers and stream commentators and everyone who participated in the stream chat.

Til next time!

Re: OHN11 Results
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Worthy event to lose my voice from cheering and screaming. See you Next year!