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Vacancy: OzHadou forum moderators + forum rules & conduct
« on: March 20, 2013, 05:14:39 PM »

As you're perhaps aware, moderation on is somewhat lax. This is largely by design as I'm personally against excessive moderation on discussion forums.

This however is perhaps a little naive on my behalf. As we've seen in recent weeks (and indeed over the past couple years), conversation sometimes strays outside of what is both topical and acceptable. As such, I'm looking for moderators to assist us and to help keep things in line when this place frays around the edges.

If you feel you'd be able to assist in moderation, please submit a PM to myself with a brief summary of the area(s) you frequent and how often you drop by the forums on average and we'll see if we can add a few more to the moderation team.

Paired with this I will put together some reasonable forum rules and/or conduct guidelines to assist posters with a general clean-up approach of their own. I'll aim to have this available in a day or two, with the motivation being to make everyone aware of what is acceptable and what isn't. The bulk of it is quite literally common sense and won't impact any half reasonable regulars in the slightest.

Now moderators aside, the general vibe and tone of this place shouldn't have to be honed by hack 'n slash tools and ban hammers. It's up to everybody to conduct themselves in a respectful way both towards themselves and others. Moderation shouldn't define the general vibe here - the posters should. That is where everybody comes in whether you drop in once a year, multiple times a day or maybe just once a week.

Many of the positive aspects that we enjoy within the FGC when we gather locally I feel can be reflected within these forums provided we all make an effort to up our posting and general conduct game between one another.

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Re: Vacancy: OzHadou forum moderators + forum rules & conduct
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can we haze the new mods?  ;D
I perfected marvel :D
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Re: Vacancy: OzHadou forum moderators + forum rules & conduct
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