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2D Fightnig Game Progress Please tell me what you think.
« on: April 07, 2013, 11:27:43 AM »
Hello everyone i am making a 2D fighting game with my Team we have made a lot of progress  here is the latest build video.

Youtube Link:


Beast's Fury is a 2D Fighting Video Game for the PC, Mac, and Linux. It will eventually be released to the Xbox, PS3


We here at Beast's Fury Studio are continuing to work on our 2D Fighting Game, "Beast's Fury".

Beast's Fury will be a 2D, arcade-style fighting game featuring anthropomorphic characters. It is currently being developed by a small, passionate team of individuals who are both gaming enthusiasts and professional programmers. The game will not only involve action, but also features engaging story lines, intriguing characters, exotic arenas, and a killer soundtrack! This is one game you won't want to miss!

If you have any questions, please email me at beasts_fury[at]


- Start with 8 playable characters

- Unlock 7 playable characters through story mode completion

- Unique fighting styles for each character

- 8 story-related battle stages

- 15 character-themed battle stages

- 3 epic boss battles during which each boss undergoes 3 progressively harder transformations

- Individual character theme songs

- Captivating boss battle music

- Beta release will include 2 stages and 3 characters: Vincent, Mattie, and Don


Story Mode: Play a single character through regular matches, additional cut scenes, boss fights, and an ending sequence.

Arcade Mode: Play a team of characters through regular matches, boss fights, and an ending sequence.

Versus Mode: Test your skills in one-on-one combat mode against computer AI.

Local Mode: Challenge a friend to versus mode on one

Online Mode: Versus mode using GGPO.

Training Mode: Practice combos and set ups.

Replay Feature: Watch your online matches



The combo system will have a series of linked normal attacks that can end with a special move, sweeping attack, super move, launcher move or ultimate finish (Beast's Fury's version of Ultra Combos). Players can also perform air-attack / juggle combos that can end with a special move/ultimate finish. Juggling limits are also set individually for each character to keep them balanced and avoid over-powering.

Players will have a series of attacks to choose from to make their combos. Everything from Crumples (moves that force opponents to stagger to their knees), to Wall and Ground bounces. Using a mixture of the Linked Combos (Normal moves that are strung together with the right timing) The special moves (Unique to the character) and the Juggle Combos (Moves that are strung together in the air), the player will try to lower the opponent's life bar to zero the fastest. Or, in some cases, lower it enough that they can sit easy on a life lead.

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Re: 2D Fightnig Game Progress Please tell me what you think.
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2013, 12:49:48 PM »
Damn dude, this has come a long way since you last posted an update - impressive progress.

Personally the art style/theme does not appeal to me, but I do admire the animation. The character appears to have good fluidity and heft to his movements so I'm curious to see how other characters compare. I also dig the impact and block sound effects and its great to see multiple layers of parallax that is both horizontal and subtly vertical in the backgrounds.

It looks like you've started to get a the hang of basic combat mechanics with your engine which is cool to see also. Good shit!

If they haven't read this already, I'd really recommend your artists and animators check this article out:

This touches on the subtleties of character animation techniques used in fighting games and the key exaggeration elements that enhance things both aesthetically and in terms of how players subconsciously interpret important movements and attacks. A lot of these ideas have been utilised by Valve in Team Fortress 2's animation and model design which is another game that nailed a lot of character design aspects, particularly with immediate action recognition. You'll also notice the game Skullgirls and its animation applies a lot of the concepts cited in this article too - definitely an interesting read!
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Re: 2D Fightnig Game Progress Please tell me what you think.
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2013, 04:27:31 PM »
Thank you very much for the link. It will help our animation team and overall i wanted to ask Gamogo would you know any places in Australia  i could advertise this We are going to be making a Indiegogo soon would you be able to spread the indiegogo link around.

I been working really hard to make this game happen.