Author Topic: WTB: Complete Wii Console (GC capable + Wii Controller + Nunchuck + all cables)  (Read 453 times)

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Hey all! :)


I was going to look into getting myself one of the original Wii systems to play some old ass Gamecube games and a handful of Wii games that i've missed out on over the years.

As such, if anyone has a complete Wii setup that also has the Gamecube capability while also having all the cables and whatever else is needed to make a Wii run, please PM me! =)

Location: : I'm in Sydney and don't mind picking it up if you're also within Sydney. If you're an interstater that's also fine, as long as all up, including postage, it isn't going to cost me significantly more than $75 - $80 or so.

Price : Just going by the EBGames current price, nothing over $80 total. Willing to spend the extra money to keep it in the community, look at me i am such a nice guy etc etc

EBGames has pre-owned Wii's for $63 atm, but i'd like to keep the $$ in the community if possible so thought i'd post and see if anyone needed some extra $$ and wanted to get rid of their Wii's!

Take Care! ;D
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