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Hey guys
I've decided to start a Fighting Game Society within UNSW. I need numbers in order to gain funding and access to rooms in the university. If you are a UNSW student, please sign up here

You guys can also join the Facebook page and keep updated with news

Once we become an official society within the university, anyone can attend to the meetups and play games.
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it's amazing, because i was actually thinking about this the other day, like: how cool would it be if unsw had a fighting games club, because i'll be there in 2015.
I'd be happy to join as an associate member until i get there if you'd be happy to have me
real hope this gets off the ground, keep up the good work

edit: the facebook link is dead

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Was going to start one next year once I adjusted to uni life.
But you beat me to it :L
I know one other guy at unsw who also plays fighting games, currently playing 3rd strike and Injustice.

Good shit man
Signed up!

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Damn, I finish at 2015, aw well. There is another high school kid there so you're not alone. Once it becomes an official group, you're free to come over and play some games. Also, fixed the FB page so feel free to join.

thanks man, we need 1 more people I believe
We have enough to launch this group into an official group WOOT!
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Can former UNSW students join? I graduated last year....

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For meetups, anyone can come over. Even those from other unis or even those working if they have a day off

I need current UNSW students for ARC fundings
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Post up some signs or some posters or something. You'll find someone who plays fighting games in a Uni fairly easy.
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mm, well on o-week, maybe i can get up a stall and just advertise there
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