Author Topic: Free* copy of Guild Wars 2 and (if possible) KOF on Steam  (Read 961 times)

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Free* copy of Guild Wars 2 and (if possible) KOF on Steam
« on: September 19, 2013, 08:03:36 PM »
Hey all =)

I've had Guild Wars 2 since the day it was released and haven't had the urge to pop it back in after the 1st week or so  ::)

If you would like the actual copy of the game then all you need to do is simply reply to this post by starting off with a Hello and ending with Thank You.

I've been trying to get back into FG's after an extended absence and it turns out that most people (everyone lol) would rather i didn't, so if i HAVE to bribe somebody with a game in order to be given just a slither of courtesy/respect, then so be it!!!1 haha (btw this isn't directed at anyone AT ALL! My personality doesn't translate well online and by reading my comments at face value, i can easily be seen as a total #$!@ wit lol Only person i can blame is myself  :-[ )

PS: If you'd like to use my account (which i can only assume would be the case?) that the CD-Key is attached to, then i may have to change the email from my account to whatever yours is.

PPS: I have never "Gifted" games on Steam before and only assuming that i can actually gift KOF if it's in my Game LIbrary and bought off of Steam??

*: You would just need to pay for the postage that is :P

Take Care,
Mick =)
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Re: Free* copy of Guild Wars 2 and (if possible) KOF on Steam
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Thank You
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