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Fighting Game Mastery review
« on: October 30, 2013, 03:53:08 PM »
Fighting Game Mastery was just released a week ago and I am going to tell you a bit about it and my experience with it from a Street Fighter 4 players perspective.

What is it?

Fighting Game Mastery doesn't really watch as a fighting game tutorial, it's more of a marathon interview. F.Champ answers all the questions off-the-cuff and in detail while giving his own experiences as examples. Gootecks is usually a comedic and sociable character in a lot of his videos. In these videos he's just straight shooting question after question which keeps the flow of useful information steady.

It's packaged as a 5 chapter series, Mental Preparation, Meta Game, Marvel In Depth, Marvel In Depth part 2, Street Fighter 4 in depth. A sixth bonus chapter "training mode" which though focuses on training mode also covers training partners, issues of having no local scene and if it's important to play the cast.

While it goes in depth on Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 3, most of what you are getting is his philosophy which can be applied to any game. How to handle losses, tournament preparation, how to learn, how to adapt and how to get consistent results.

I got a lot of answers from this package that I needed to continue to get better at Street Fighter. When they covered something I already knew, I was excited to have my ideas validated by a world class player. The more of the material I got through the easier it became to understand why F.Champ is as good as he is at fighting games. It really got me excited to continue to improve as a fighting game player and I'll rewatch it any time I feel I've reached a plateau in my game play.

If you want to improve in fighting games and have been having trouble I highly recommend that you check this out. It will help you improve!

Chapter 1:
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