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[QLD MAJOR] ButtonSmash Issue 2 Results and Wrap-Up
« on: March 20, 2014, 05:08:09 PM »
QLD's Major Returns! With a focus on bringing a top quality tournament to Brisbane, Keep 'et Classy is working extremely hard to make this an event to be remembered by all!

Results: (Full brackets available here:, please note that due to having offline brackets on the day the challonge losers brackets don't reflect 100% of the matches accurately. However all top results are correct)

Video Replays are being uploaded here

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012:

1st. Somniax (VIC)
2nd. SL| ZG (VIC)
3rd KEC| Snow (QLD)
4th Falco (SA)
5th Phero (VIC)
5th[IX]ArnoldDesu (NSW)
7th Muttons (VIC)
7th KEC| Goomba (QLD)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

1st [IXL]ArnoldDesu (NSW)
2nd DeathWish (QLD)
3rd TRP| Baxter (QLD)
4th NefeliousG (QLD)
5th Somniax (VIC)
5th Hari (QLD)
7th AfterDeath (NSW)

The King of Fighters XIII

1st   Falco (SA)
2nd TRP| Baxter
3rd ON| Colonov (QLD)
4th A1Major (SA)
5th PyroZeroX (VIC)
5th NefeliousG (QLD)
7th Gourami1 (QLD)
7th Hans 'Pichy' Stockman

Killer Instinct

1stMr Read (QLD)
2nd Glassy (QLD)
3rd Shadowman (QLD)
4th Low Blow (QLD)

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma

1st Isorropia
2nd Brandonfield
3rd Hans ‘Pichy’ Stockmann
4th Hero
5th Sanvich11
7th Falco
7th KEC| Goomba

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

(I'm in the Picture as Firehawk had already left)

1st Touko (VIC)
2nd Berzerk (VIC)
3rd Firehawk (QLD)
4th GCF| Dejan (QLD)

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

1st BoS| CM (VIC)
2nd Berzerk (VIC)
3rd BoS| Callum D (VIC)

Tekken Tag 2
1st Marimo-Hwoarang (QLD)
2nd ON| Colonov (QLD)
3rd Ravenboy (QLD)
4th Mercury (QLD)
5th HunterSteven (QLD)
5th GCF| Noodalls (QLD)
7th ***** (QLD)
7th TRP| Baxter (QLD)

Injustice: Gods Among us
1st Falco (SA)
2nd DeathWish (QLD)
3rd Glassy (QLD)
4th KEC| QueeferSutherland (QLD)
5th Mr Zobo (QLD)
5th Sick Monk3y (QLD)
7th Hallway86 (QLD)