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[Melb] Chris' Club House R16 19-July-2014
« on: July 16, 2014, 05:37:15 PM »

Hi guys,

Apologies for posting this much later than I usually do, I was away at EVO and just got back today. Anyway 4PM at the library this saturday, hope to see yall there! Back to grinding for Shadowloo Showdown.

When: Saturday July 19 5:00 pm start till late.

Where: 11 Stanton St, Abbotsford.

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Fee: $2 venue fee- Anybody that brings either a monitor/console gets in for free.

BYO: Screens, Xbox’s, PS3′s, Sticks are all appreciated, even if they go unused. The more the merrier. It would be awesome if you guys could leave a comment in this thread if you're bringing a setup.

For new guys to CCH:

Sample of the action thanks to Burnout:

Behind the scenes action courtesy of Burnout!

CCH 2014 Schedule:

January 4// January 18// February 1// February 15!// March 1!// March 15*// March 29~//April 26 @4PM //  May 24 @1PM// June 7 @5PM // June 21 @5PM // // July 5 @5PM // July 19 @4PM// Aug 02 @5PM // Aug 16 @1PM // Aug 30 @4PM // Sept 13 @6PM // Sept 27 @5PM // Oct 11 @4PM // Oct 25 @4PM // Nov 08 @1PM // Nov 22 @4PM// Dec 06 @1PM // Dec 20 @1PM
*means CCH will start one hour earlier, at 4PM.
~ starts at 3PM
**starts at 1PM
! Venue is at Richmond library, not Collingwood Library

Setup Count (If you're bringing a setup please post below):

Muttons: 2x (Xbox+Monitor, AE, Marvel), 1 stick
Spoony:  gg +r setup, xbox+games

Thanks to CouchWarriors for supporting CCH with funds and equipment.
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Re: [Melb] Chris' Club House R16 19-July-2014
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We open
My "chronicles of a scrub":