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[Melb] Chris' Club House R20 27-September @5PM
« on: September 21, 2014, 11:51:45 AM »

Hi guys,

We are back on this Saturday at 5PM. I'm excited because we're kicking off League of Sharpies! (More info below.) Cutoff date to pay for LoS is this CCH, otherwise go pay H (Carnage) via bank transfer. OHN is not too far away, so let's get some good practice in.

Big thanks to everyone who brought setups last week, like Kris, Borgie, Spoony, Alex C, CM, Callum, Tom and anyone else I might've missed. Please continue to bring gear! Special thanks to Borgie for bringing Bloodsport and SF the movie. I will bring White Men Can't Jump this week.

Looking forward to another night of games and Sagat talk!

When: Saturday September 27 5:00 pm start till late.

Where: 11 Stanton St, Abbotsford.

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Fee: $2 venue fee- Anybody that brings either a monitor/console gets in for free.

BYO: Screens, Xbox’s, PS3′s, Sticks are all appreciated, even if they go unused. The more the merrier. It would be awesome if you guys could leave a comment in this thread if you're bringing a setup.

For new guys to CCH:

Sample of the action thanks to Burnout:

Behind the scenes action courtesy of Burnout!

CCH 2014 Schedule:

January 4// January 18// February 1// February 15!// March 1!// March 15*// March 29~//April 26 @4PM //  May 24 @1PM// June 7 @5PM // June 21 @5PM // // July 5 @5PM // July 19 @4PM//Aug 02 @5PM // Aug 16 @1PM //  Sept 13 @6PM // Sept 27 @5PM // Oct 11 @4PM // Oct 25 @4PM // Nov 08 @1PM // Nov 22 @4PM// Dec 06 @1PM // Dec 20 @1PM
*means CCH will start one hour earlier, at 4PM.
~ starts at 3PM
**starts at 1PM
! Venue is at Richmond library, not Collingwood Library

Setup Count (If you're bringing a setup please post below):

Muttons: 2x (Xbox+Monitor, AE, Marvel), 1 stick

CCH also supports The League of Sharpies organised by Carnage (Hakan Dorter):

League of Sharpies is a Melbourne version of the Topanga League.

The main focus is improvement and going about it the right way.
None of this will be streamed although it is highly recommended you record your matches for review.

Each group has its own average skill level. Everyone placed in these groups ideally have an equal chance of winning.

The season will be run over 3 months.
This means in a group of 10 people, you have to try and play 1 person week.
Each week there is either CCH or Molemall so opportunities are available. You just have to coordinate with the people you have to play next at events they will be at.
Try to spread your matches apart as much as you can so you have time to prepare between each.

- The matches will be played in a FT7 format, but if a 6-6 happens, matches will continue to be played until a 2-match difference has been achieved.
- Players will be granted points based on how much they won a match by. For example, if a player wins 7-0, he gets 7 points. If a player loses 4-7, they get -3 points.
- Every third match in a set, a player may switch characters to their previously chosen alternate character, but this may only happen if they are behind. For example,
if the current standing is 2-1, the latter players gets to switch to their alternate. If the current standing is 2-4, the former player does.
- If two players have won the same amount of sets, their placing will be decided by the amount of points they earned with the matches in said sets.
If they also have the same amount of points, the placement between the two will be decided by who won between these two specific players
Let me know if you're interested in participating.

Remember: Every match lost is a point lost so make them all count! This is a true test of overall consistency.

Facebook group (enter if you're interested):

League of Sharpies groups:

Thanks to CouchWarriors for supporting CCH with funds and equipment.
My "chronicles of a scrub":