Author Topic: Custom Xbox 360 and PC Arcade Fighting Stick with genuine sanwa parts  (Read 3235 times)

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Offline stalyoni

Hi guys,

I have a custom modded Xbox 360 and PC Arcade fighting Stick with genuine sanwa parts

This stick is brand new and has only been used for testing

Custom graphic was made by me

asking $250 posted anywhere in Australia

What parts of the stick are custom moded? Any chance you could go lower on the price? $250 seems steep for what the stick is?
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Offline stalyoni

Has a sanwa JLF arcade stick in it and sanwa obsf 30 buttons.

What's your offer the mate? Where do you live?

Offline stalyoni

also has turbo function for any button. Like rapid fire for any button

whats your offer mate

otherwise i put it on ebay