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Stuff Yo' Couch! (Melbourne CouchWarrior ranbat recaps)
« on: October 23, 2015, 10:56:25 PM »

Hi guys, welcome to the first episode of Stuff Yo' Couch!

This is a ranbat recap where we could go over all things CouchWarriors; go over results, give you guys a peek into the action and sights to be seen at the ranbat, and maybe get a few interviews with important faces and figures in the Melbourne community.

I'm still ironing out what I want to do with the show, so I apologise for any roughness or inconsistencies - please let me know what you guys think or what to see in the future!

In this episode we interview Philip John Pretty aka Redact, who's recently joined team Exile5 in light of his stellar work at BAM7 which turned out to be massive with 500 plus registrants- huge kudos to the Smash community for really blowing up the event with their international guests and hype. And we also have Darren Taing aka Dreadtech- the hardest worker in the Smash community right now, and a deserved winner of the Community Award at BAM7. The August Couchwarriors ranbat had a welcome guest in the form of an SFV preview build courtesy of Capcom Australia, so thanks very much to them- so we have a brief section of some quick opinions from the players such as David Ladu, Darcy Higgins, Jake Lynch and Kris Dabrowski.

Hope you guys enjoy the episode!
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Re: Stuff Yo' Couch! (Melbourne CouchWarrior ranbat recaps)
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Stuff Yo' Couch Episode 2 - October Ranbat

Hi guys, welcome to the second episode of Stuff Yo' Couch! It has been a busy month for CouchWarriors with ranbat action galore and a full 3-day schedule at PAX with tournaments and Learn to Play sessions at our booths.

Filmed at the CouchWarriors October ranbat we return with more action footage and flavour and with interviews of two pillars in the community: Jack Gorman aka Pudge from Smash @ Swanston and Edison Nguyen aka GooGieMonA of MKX and poker fame.

Coming up we have the CouchWarriors AGM this Saturday at CCH: If you feel like you would like to be a part of CouchWarriors and to help out with tournaments and building up the fighting game community in Melbourne, please feel free to come along!

And we have the Adelaide FGC major called SXC2015.
Run by Troy "Mooseking" Nelson and the SAFGC crew. I always have an awesome time there, so hope to see you guys there.

Hope you guys enjoy the episode!
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