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Random Discussion / Awesome SF inspired clips from Disney cartoon
« on: September 12, 2012, 04:38:33 PM »
What's awesome is that the sprite was made by Paul Robertson.  You may know him from such awesome stuff as Fez, Wizorb, Scott Pilgram vs the World.

GGs to all!  I did far better in SF4 than I really should have.  I blame others for being even more out of practice than me!

Sorry for the salt Ben, I seem to always fudge inputs very badly against you.  You deserved to win without doubt.  But when I do  :dpf::+::m: and get :dpb::+::m: instead, it makes me  >:(.  Not that it really would have effected the end result.

HoW, we'll get more regular practice somehow (I'll get XBL back up again).  I think you'll be the secret to me getting better finally.

Gratz to all placers today, you all played exceptionally well.

Also welcome to the newcomers!  We finally broke out of the 16 player bracket today!  Yay!

Community News / Re: EVO 2012 Australia Contingent
« on: July 07, 2012, 06:29:49 PM »
Is Johnny the only player in top 8 who's not sponsored?  That should change now...

Atkinson left the position a while ago didn't he?

JT, what monitor did you end up getting? 

Can I has my camera back? ;)


Let's organise the first official AU MK tournament for the same day to celebrate! :)

GGs to all today!

Grats to my fellow top 3ers for this first season of CFGL, Vlad and Mikey!  And a special thanks to HoW and Beefy for not turning up often - I wouldn't be in the top 3 if you guys did! :P

Hopefully Peter will have vids and photos up soon.

Special mention goes to our last minute Cold Turkey Hyper Fighting Tournament!  Vlad, you're a beast and haven't forgotten any skills, I need to learn more than one character in that game :P, K7 you're not bad at the old games!  Gratz to Peter making it 3rd in this!  Sorry JT, we'll get you a pad for next time so you can show us how to play!  Or maybe someone bring a SNES... ;)

Hmm, maybe next time, we can play TMNT: Tournament Fighters....

How late is late for you? 

We've got one less game this time, and that game was one of the bigger time sinks we had.  So I would expect the day to go by fairly quickly this time.

Also, you could just come for your few hours and leave when you have to.  Many do that already...

May I ask why no SFXT?

What happen to that game... :-[

Too busy with D3 this week...

The main reason at the moment is the game breaking bug in the latest patch...

I'm bringing my usual.

- BenQ 24" Monitor
- 360
- TE
- SFxT, UMvC3, SF4AE2012, SkullGirls, HDR

Community News / Re: Bracketed blog series - Feedback thread
« on: May 14, 2012, 07:31:49 AM »

a key skill for any organising wanting to develop a sustainable

Hey Fraser!

I think our next one is about 1 month away.  Peter should have the details up soon.

Good games to all!  Had fun today, and surprised even myself with how well I did overall.  Looking forward to the next one.

Peter, get those brackets up!!

Also, thanks to Good Games for being great hosts!

At least 5 of us live in either Dickson area or Gungahlin.  So I'm sure one of us can give you a lift ;).

how big of deal is it regarding wireless arcade sticks?
im happy to forfeit if it doesnt sync

and do you need setups? ( i have a few 360"s)

For casuals, practically zero big deal.  For tournaments, it's a standard that wireless controllers aren't allowed. 

However, as long as it doesn't sync up during someone else's match, that might be alright.  There was at least one person with a wireless last time, though I think they were using a charge cable and that somehow prevented wireless syncing.

Worst case is you can use someone else's stick.  We're all friendly enough that you're bound to find someone willing to loan one for your comp game.

Interested.  Will to my best to make it all of them.  Can help run tourneys too.

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