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Yeah it happens quite regularly. Characters get slept on and then receive big buffs and suddenly rocket up the rankings. I didn't ever feel particularly threatened by Rose, but her gameplay style is effective against my mentality because I get irritated and make mistakes trying to take control of the match.

I would like to see that FT10. Sets like that are far more interesting than GFs, which are at best FT3 with double elim. Still fondly remembering Tokido and Daigo's 100 match set.

I like the sound of FTragequit. That should be the new GF format. The ultimate endurance challenge. Also, much as I hate to compliment max, that Rose was frustrating as hell.

Yes. You can flip flop back and forth. It will pull down the patched or unpatched files each time. Takes about 10 seconds.

Yes. I'll be even happier if I can find anyone else with the beta running to play...

inb4 Gamgam says "Definitive version" :start:

Hopefully you could delete local content/reinstall/whatever it back to its original configuration and it would default back to no beta until you enter the code again. Reading the comments it looks like feedback is mixed but largely negative, though you have to run that through the usual bias filters. People are specifically mentioning the menu freezes are still occurring though, which is not promising. I'm still game to try it if there are other peeps on here to play against.

EDIT: Reading further they really are mixed. It's probably no surprise that the PC experience is so varied between individual users.

I guess I'm the 2nd player Soji mentioned. I'll opt in, though I rarely get much time on now. If I am stuck playing Gamgam over a potentially stable connection I guess I will have to suffer through it.

Vampire, or just be Niah.
Because Niah sucks already?

Soji, sounds like your ISP changed your profile from "Download freak" or "gamer" to "normal" or whatever they call them. Iinet and I think Internode and a few others have these sort of profiles. You can usually adjust it yourself if you login to your account on their support site. Iinet in particular I know has the "gamer" profile which disables interleaving so as to reduce ping, but if your line quality is poor you will drop packets and it won't resend them (iirc - I'm not an expert on WANs). Oykias, if you do have a profile like that and your line quality is not great or you are a bit far from the exchange then maybe you are desyncing as a result. It might be worth checking what options are available when you login to your ISP's support site.

This was happening to pretty much everyone when we shifted to steam. This aspect of it at least appears to have been mostly if not totally resolved. Obvious question now is: have you forwarded your ports for steam (old gfwl ports are no longer meaningful)?

Oh yeah: is this happening in ranked or endless?

You could have a go at uploading a replay. I haven't looked into it because I don't want the world to see my MUSHING.

I wouldn't put it past you to pull out a fork whilst I'm in the process of bodying your Yun.

Don't spread fibs, I was doing a button check and you just went all ham on my Hugo.

@Pope: I've only been Gootecks, niah and some variation of those two. Oh, when name change just came out, I think I was also PR Wong, MCZ Daigo and Meltdown | Louffy.
You missed a couple, brother. Looking at your alias history you change your name roughly every 7 days.  :MvGame: You're not the only one who does it - just the only one that I actually paid attention to.

@Soji: Yeah that guy from PSN is definitely in a class of his own.

Didn't realise you could create your own names for other people. So when they make a lobby, they are listed as the name I gave them? Hahaha, that is brilliant.

Sadly the nick doesn't stick in the SF4 lobby system. It only shows the nickname in parentheses on your steam friends list. I should have made that clearer. I tend to add people to my friends list even if they are 5 assed monkeys  :bort: just so that I know who the hell I am playing. A few times I've added people with the intention of telling them they are morons or are insulting my personal value of time with their laggy internets but end up having a decent conversation instead. Stupid player, nice person kinda deal. Going soft I guess. I even had a very heated exchange with this one guy on PSN who was a total dick but now we get along fine.

You can find me in ranked all the time. I will play you repeatedly almost no matter what, just that if our connection is utterly unplayable I will alt+f4.

I would give you a list of names to look out for in ranked but these assholes change their names every day, you never know who anyone is. Mine is only ever SojiOkitaAU.

I try to nickname everyone on my steam list now. Regardless, I have a list as long as my arm of people whose identities are a complete mystery to me. A word of warning: maxsze changes his tag so often he will probably crash your steam client. Serious ADHD issues, Max. I would have changed my name to "I kick for lag" but it's so goddamned ubiquitous now I can't be bothered. Alt-F4 is your friend. Since dropping gfwl you don't get "why did you leave" messages every time now, which saves having to deliver the explanation that the enjoyment of the game falls below parity with "doing anything else" if the lag just makes it a frustrating coin-tossing exercise (maybe more like tossing coins with a cramped thumb and strobe lighting).

Who's The London Ass? This guy is a complete and utter idiot. Even on this forum with the posts of various you know whos the imbecility of this person can still make me step back and think "wow, I don't see that kind of stupidity often".

Soji this must feel like when you first started playing online. Must be refreshing.

Having now had some time to experience Ultra first hand I can confirm that it truly is the worst version of this game to date. DWU has turned a well understood and enjoyable metagame into a momentum breaking guessing game. Raw red focus is completely unnecessary - upsets the footsies meta for no reason I can fathom. Red focus cancel is fine - it's appropriately expensive for what utility it grants. DP fadc nerfs exist only to silence the complaints of the lowest tier of players who couldn't spare the time to look at their opponents' super meters. Or block. That was actually a pretty good counter to that. I am all for ultra combo double primarily because it reduces UC damage, which is great. This game still has too much emphasis on this comeback mechanic. "New" characters are generally absurd. "New" stages would be welcome in a "VS" game but don't fit the SF4 setting at all (dinosaurs and space stations, wtf?). Pretty sure they are not helping in the lag department either. Crapcom knows that online accessibility is the reason why this series made a comeback during vanilla, yet they allowed the game to deploy with hideously buggy netcode. Some of the training mode wishlist made it in, which is nice. Still needs rematch. I will probably accept the game if they deliver us Edition Select online. That at least elevates the casual experience. Paragraph is getting long - time to pinch it off.

Too bad in what way? Are you saying "too bad for you Capcom because people don't want to work it out your way" or that it is a bad thing in some broad sense that people are actually pulling the game apart to work this stuff out?

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